Israeli intelligence: Objectives of Western strike in Syria not achieved
Ronen Bergman
Published: 17.04.18, 10:13
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1. Trump twits like a bird and Putin hisses like a snake
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (04.17.18)
Trump should have kept his cavalry's trumpet quiet under his matters until the last moment. giving Putin and his bedfellow Assad a couple of weeks warning is the reason for their failure, couple of hours advanced warning would have been sufficient and not before they had a satellite observing the target area to record any trucks movements to deliver the kiss of death if need be.
“…not possible operationally.” What a joke.
2. Trump doesn't have a hair on his arse
Fukwit Paleswine   (04.17.18)
Now he's getting ready to turn the whole thing over to the Russians.
3. Of course
Avi L.   (04.17.18)
What to expect from a coalition led by a "reality showman" who has a "special friendship" with a guy involved in police investigations whose main achievement is to make Chevy Chase faces and drooling when pictured with a used cars seller with the mightier comb over history ever saw?

They never wanted to achieve anything in the first place, they just wanted to make some noise, kick some garbage cans to act as if they meant business and try to save the little face left.

It must be China's emperor's toast of the day.

What a bunch of m... (Rex Tillerson word)
4. wrong objective achieved
judah ,   jerusalem   (04.17.18)
The purpose was a warning shot , I assure that there will be no chemical weapons or developments for a significant period of time
5. chemical weapons storage and capacities destroyed ????
tomer ,   jerusalem   (04.17.18)
i am a layman in these matters,but common sense tells you,that if you
hit chemical weapons storage and labs,some of them in densely populated
areas, then there would have been a release of such chemicals. None of that
has been reported. conclusion: empty buildings were hit , a showcase for the media or a demonstartion how US and allies are able to accurately hit
specific targets without causing damage.( besides buildings)
6. Israeli Intelligence pays back 45 in kind...
after all just to show off with the Russians 45 compromised Israeli intelligence you know even if 45 and PM Netanyahu are friends...the Israeli intelligence community knows better.
They know that Countries don't have friends, they have interests.
7. the Western Alliance
New Yorker ,   New York   (04.17.18)
it would appear the US administration most likely consulted with the Russians and asked them how much damage they would tolerate, and where, before launching their "warning shot." got that, Judah? It's all smoke and mirrors; the buffoon in chief is so all over Putin, offering all of his orifices; it is so transparent, so pathetic; and in Israel we are so blind, so willfully deluded; we think he's our friend?
Rafi ,   US   (04.18.18)
The physical intervention of and near-permanent presence of Russia in Syria - particularly in the Assad/ Alawi homeland near Latakia - since 2012 was effectively allowed during the Obama Admin.

Russia claimed they were "going to join the fight against ISIS/Daesh... remember?" Obama & the US swallowed Putin's professionally-tailored lies.

That great failure in US foreign and defense policy still pervades today - and is almost totally misunderstood by the American public, media, Trump White House, and by all accounts, the US Defense Dept brass.

The real crisis in Syria is NOT about chem weapons or even Assad... Rather, it's about the RUSSIAN PRESENCE without which none of Assad's crimes would be possible.
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