Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
IRGC's Aerospace Force contingent in Syria exposed
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 17.04.18, 14:53
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1. The IRGC and Mullahs are a bunch of warmongering madmen
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.17.18)
2. Time to take the neutron bombs out of mothball.
naro ,   nyc   (04.17.18)
Time to take the neutron bombs out of mothball.
3. The Iranians wouldn't dare
David ,   Hadera   (04.17.18)
attack Israel on independence day. They just would not dare. It would be similar to the Yom Kippur attack, and the only difference is that Israel is now ON HIGH ALERT. It would also be seen as an act of war inviting complete Israeli retaliation. Who ever dares attack Israel will have no protection from ANYONE and the full backing of the world community ( with the exception of Russia, Syria and, of course, the "Palestinians). Go ahead Iran,...make my day
4. foolishness
shloime ,   toronto   (04.17.18)
“...it allows Israel to exercise its full power against Iranian forces whenever it chooses quickly and with maximal accuracy.”

the “head of the snake” is not in syria, or in lebanon. to affect the behavior of the mullahs, israel must exercise its full power against the mullahs, and not against the expendable “tail”.
5. Iranian tit for tat
Arnie ,   Montreal   (04.17.18)
Whatever Iran chooses to do it better be against a military target same as what the IDF does. Killing civilians will be a red line that the government and IDF will retaliate in Syria with untied hands.
6. Mr
Steve Gure   (04.17.18)
Israel has no choice. It must take on Iran and cause it maximum harm. It can not wait or Iran to do the same to them
7. I am ashamed of the banana republic iran has become under
Tehraniporou   (04.17.18)
Mullahs where the head of the military echelon gives 3,5million euros to the political echelon as bribes for African (cheer)leaders. What’s is that where does the money come from? All of these piles of off balance sheet money squandered. If they could give to me so that I could use it as valuable gifts for shaked or the bar zomers of Israel to spice their lives and make them forget their boring husbands or boyfriends...they are left to languish in their livres.. the world is crazy. As for Rouhani he tries to the course of iran but the other mafiosi leading iran want to keep their money and make iran ready to fight Israeli on the Middle East bed instead f sharing it. The imbeciles in iran are to pay a fire price but the likes of itsnotmeyahuuuu never talk about regional dialogue with the thieves. La vita e Bella.
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