Joint Israeli-Palestinian memorial goes ahead under eye of heavy security
Itai Blumenthal
Published: 18.04.18, 10:31
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1. sicko right wingers!
this ceremony has been going on for 13 years and now these sicko right wingers woke up!
what most surprises me is that they didn't come out in brown shirts and screaming in Italian!
2. Poor bereaved parents are being used as willing dupes by the
sneaky Muslim Enemy.
Too sad to watch....
3. Raise to high court fees
A judicial review should cost a million NIS or more. Since at present it is so cheap, the court is being abused for political gains.
4. 1948 Israel forced 90% arab population to leave their homes.
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (04.18.18)
In 1948 during so called war of "independence" Israel forced 90% of arab population of Palestine to leave their homes and never come back. In other words, they were kicked out of their homes where they lived for hundreds of years. Israel did exactly what German army did in WWII to jews in Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania...
But the real apartheid started with the first waves of immigration of jews to Palestine in 1890s. This is when they started stealing land from arabs. As a matter of fact, all kibbutzim along the border with Lebanon are former arab villages, whose inhabitants were simply kicked out to Lebanon. And most other kibbutzim were "created" the same way.
Statistics tell all the facts:
in 1946 arab population was 1,267,000 in Palestine.
Jewish population was 543,000.
But in 1948 arab population dropped suddenly to 156,000 !!!
Jewish population increased to 716,000.

Impressive, isn't it ?
5. David Grossman
Gene   (04.18.18)
He claimed on the rally: "If Palestinians won't have a home then we won't have it also". Although he is a famous writer he is, never the less, stupid. We already have our home. For 70 years. Palestinians don't and not because we didn't give them a chance to have one. Wake up, Mr. Grossman, it is quite opposite: "if Palestinians will have a home then we won't"
6. How many right wing Nuts shot, arrested for Incitement? 0
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.18.18)
Semitism is Racism.

Zionism is Murder.
7. Jewish strength produces oppression and aggression, Muslim
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (04.18.18)
strength produces peace and justice
8. spite
Leo   (04.18.18)
grossman's haste for morality exceeds the grief for his own son.

how dare he praise a memorial for people to murdered his own son.

wow! how deep self-hatred has become.

perhaps it is just igmorance.
9. Dirty brown shirts screaming in Hebrew
Jabo's friend ,   Israel   (04.18.18)
Do they really think the REAL right doesn't know who and what they are?
10. When Jews are defeated in argument, they resort to silly...
tamar Itzek ,   Jerusalem   (04.18.18)
11. @4 Cheating with numbers
Raphael ,   Netanya   (04.18.18)
1,267,000 Arabs were living between Jordan and the Sea. 600,000 within the Green Line, who were bloated to 156,000 remaining+750.000 refugees: algebra is an arabic science, boosted by UNRWA aid.
"in 1890s. This is when they started stealing land from arabs": they purchased land at very high price from arab landlords, despite ottoman and british restrictions. So for you, buying = stealing with money? How did the Arabs become owners?
12. Totally DISAGREE
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.18.18)
We will 'connect' not through 'shared grief and tears' but when there is CONVERGENCE of Palestinian and Israeli national interest. When Palestinians and Israelis in the same boat are ROWING IN THE SAME DIRECTION.

When a contiguous, unified and unitary Palestinian state alongside Israel is created within mutually secure borders.

Its THAT simple

So whats the hold up?

The Israeli notion of a 2 State Solution - that you can somehow create a Palestinian state from 2 enclaves connected by a glorified motorway through Israel or the Palestinian notion of a Greater Palestine built on the ashes of Israel and Hashemite Jordan are both non starters

As is the latest notion of the 'happy slappy' utopian 'one state solution' of 'Israpal' or 'Palisra' or 'Rappa' that undermines the very national identity Palestinians and Israelis have both sacrificed so much for.

So whats the solution?

It boils down to this.
Try to determine the most efficient and effective way to configure borders of two states by way of land swaps and other instruments that INCLUDES Gaza.

Even as far back as 1999 Palestinian academics working on the basis of this principle came to one conclusion..IT COULD and CAN BE DONE

So for the sake of all those who have lost their lives we will do much more to commemorate them by holding back the TEARS and working toward acheiving TRIUMPHS...

13. I invite all the left wing nut jobs to leave Israel and try
Al   (04.18.18)
their luck abroad. They won't be missed in the least.

Them along with the haredi anti Israel tinife can just leave the county and and go to anywhere as far as Im concerned.

They bring nothing to the table but collective grief to those of us who love Israel and the Jewish people.

Israel was founded as our national homeland and yes refuge from the anti semitic scum that have been murdering us for the past 2000 years.

Those who love it are free to join it, those who don't can just F the hell off.
14. Grossman loves his enemies, but his enemies do not love him
C   (04.18.18)
a normal human does not love his enemies.
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