Natalie Portman: I'm skipping Israeli ceremony due to Netanyahu speech
Published: 21.04.18, 10:08
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1. Adding insult
Israella   (04.21.18)
'I chose not to attend because I did not want to appear as endorsing Netanyahu'. Why would anyone think that by attending a ceremony to honor her she would be seen to endorse the Prime Minister of Israel. What a poor excuse. Portman should return the prize money she already received. Giving money to charities of her choice in no way mitigates the damage caused to her reputation and to the Israeli people.
2. Priize meant to make big millionaires into bigger ones
Alan   (04.21.18)
Rather give this cash to sick or poor Israeli Children or buy hospital equipment or research into Cancer.... but not to Gvirim Adirim
3. Part of the topple Bibi Trump is a collusionist herd
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (04.21.18)
Wears heee Democratic Party alliginace like a rash on her face
4. Real Courage... when you know you're licked before you begin
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.21.18)
... but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.

5. Why was Israel created?
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.21.18)
"Israel was created exactly 70 years ago as a Haven for refugees from the Holocaust"? Just think Herzl wanted to establish Israel for the criminal European crackers in Uganda. I like Natalie but if this is the general belief of most young Jews as to why Israel was established then surely God's judgement is part of it"s future. Senator John Kennedy spoke in 1960 as to Israel and it's establishment and he hadn't a clue either nor really a reason. Natalie is Russian just like Milekowsky, these people's do not belong in this so-called holy land.
6. “Minor Backlash”? Try Major Backlash
Excommicated ,   Jerusalem   (04.21.18)
“Doesn’t want to boycott the entire nation”
But that’s exactly what she did she has done
Condemned herself to forever be
On the” anti Israel Blacklist “ Of committed
Jews another example of talented people
With no intelligence or Jewish & Foolish
Sadly religious leaders have stopped the ceremony
Of excommunication so we the Jewish
People will do it for them !
7. Nemusha
Yakov ,   Afula   (04.21.18)
Stay where you are and don't come back even for a visit, you are unwelcome, unwanted and Israel should disown you.
Netanyahu is one of the best Israelis ever born, you are one of the worst.
8. Let her speak
Yaakov ,   TA   (04.21.18)
Ms Portmans explanation makes very clear she remains a friend of Israel. While we may differ with her opinions very strongly, that friendship should not be disregarded at a time maligning Israel is a mainstay of Democratic politics in the USA.
9. She and US are ashamed that she is Jewish/Israeli!
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (04.21.18)
10. Spoken like a true Israeli patriot!
Jeff   (04.21.18)
Anyone who loves Israel must stand up against the horrible and corrupt path Netanyahu is dragging to. He is the worse prime minister in the history of Israel.
The country deserves better and only true patriots speak their hearts and do not fear the sponsored right wing media assault.
11. Now she can make swell movies with Mel Gibson.
12. Just fine
Joe ,   Toronto   (04.21.18)
Politicians can be very uncomfortable to be around especially when they are real assholes such as Natanyahoo. They lady simply chose not to be in such an environment. And also to Madame Regev, people are entitled to choice and opinion . They don't have to call you and consult such a close minded person about their personal choices. Good luck Ms Portman you are a brave young woman.
13. Valid arguments on wrong assumptions
A mum ,   Rishon LeZyion   (04.21.18)
1- the foundation's of Israel @now started before the Nathalue Portman. The reason d'etre of Israel is not only to become an Asylum for victims of the Shia as implied by you Nathalie. Jews have been aspiring to revive Israel for 2 thousands years and they define themselves via the land of Israel. Nathalie retead History and if you do not have time just read the Israeli Anthem.
2- it is arrogance of you think that it is below your values to be present in an Israeli Ceremony where Bibi -that has been elected by Israelis as opposed to you who has not been- is present
3- if you have suggestions how to handle the terrorists ruling Gaza then you could have mentioned them in your speech. Israeli Mums would have liked nothing more than having their kids around a BBQ with friends and good smells rather thanhaving them around burning tyres with terrorists ambushing them...
14. ... ok it wasnt because Netanyahu speech
Adler   (04.21.18)
her jewish relatives were from many european places
including Russia.. & as you probably know Genesis Prize
foundation is supported by russian philanthropists as well- Portman is american citizen and politics & diplomacy between Trump and Putin is not in the best shape. I will not bring into question her jewish
values, her partner is a non jewish
french dancer, probably she is not married and after all she do not
represents Israel

15. A more sophisticated take
OneJewess   (04.21.18)
Dear Natalie Portman,

It would have demonstrated maturity and diplomacy for you to attend the ceremony and, in your own speech, simply state that, while you do not agree with the Prime Minister on political issues, you do appreciate his support of the charitable foundation which was about to hand over to you so much money to pass on to the charities of your choice.

Then, you would still have made the trip, visited your family, been celebrated in headlines, and made your charitable donations personally, while defending your political position and still keeping it private, if you so chose.

I am sorry you will suffer from the reactions to this situation. Perhaps, in the end, it will be educational, to you and/or others. I hope so.

16. Natalie Portman - it's time we ignored her + others
barbara ,   Haifa   (04.21.18)
The minute these Hollywood people say anything anti-Israeli - it's the media hit for that month. They love the attention it gives them. I say, ignore them. Just like when a child misbehaves. BUT, know this, Natalie Portman, you shall be judged one day.
17. Natalie, double shame
C   (04.21.18)
you are boycotting thhe genesis prize ceremony because the prime
minister of israel would also be attending.
who do you think you are?!
netanyahu is the democratically elected prime minister of the democratic
sovereign jewish state of israel.
whether you agree or disagree with him on any given issue, it remains
a fact that he is the head of the government of the state of israel.
he is not a private individual.
nor is he an individual with horns on his head.
get a grip, and start studying the international situation and figure
out how many democracies exist.
soros and his clique of billionaires do all in their power to
brainwash people, especially young people. soros is a marxist
who hates israel. he uses his immense wealth to meddle in
the affairs of many foreign countries. j-street is a creation
of soros and of obama.
18. To succeed in Hollywood one must these days
Alan   (04.21.18)
Be a Democrat...Hate Pres Trump.with passion...Be a far Left supporter or better still a Communist fellow traveller and espouser of this philosophy...Be anti gun lobby ...Support Pals .and sine qua non .....Hate Israel...Also if one is a bit of an Anti Jew.,that does help a little.
19. Dear Nat!
annie ,   jerusalem   (04.21.18)
Who cares about your opinion ? Not me ,not another 8 millions Israeli citizens LIVING IN ISRAEL !
20. I wish I could skip Netanyahu's speeches too!
bereaved Israeli ,   Israel   (04.21.18)
Unfortunately because I live in Israel and because in the past week Netanyahu has spoke at every single memorial ceremony and every single Independence day ceremony ... it was impossible to skip hearing Netanyahu's political blathering!
21. Why do people insist
Yakov ,   Afula   (04.21.18)
on calling her a former Israeli. She left Israel when she was three and has lived since then, and was educated in, America. She is American and not Israeli, the same way as my Grandmother was born in Russia and came to Israel when she was three, she was Israeli and not Russian. I was born in England and came to Israel when I was three and I am an Israeli and not British. No one would call my Grandmother a "former Russian" or me a "former Englishman".
22. Some things cannot be "unseen" or "unsaid". Don't even try!
23. Sorry to realize, that your exterior (intelligent-looking)
doesn't match your interior....
A disappointment, not a major, life-changing one, but a minor chink in the glamorous china of daily gossip....
24. Abba Eban was South African, His parents left Capetown
Alan   (04.21.18)
when he also was 3 or thereabouts. Same story as Portman. Same as Tolkien from Lord of the Rings. His parents left SA when he was 3 or thereaboutzs....AT LEAST ELON MUSK LEFT SA as a young adult. Greatest loss was Charleeze Theron..
25. Shame on her.
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.21.18)
Portman has shot herself in the foot! No need to visit Israel, we dont want her here.
26. I never liked Natalie Portman anyway. Overrated actor.
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (04.21.18)
Vegan, feminist, radical left wing lunatic, has a non-Jewish husband - no doubt a sign of her being "proud" of being Jewish, and she has left Israel and lives in Paris I believe, which is infamous for Arab Muslim Jew hatred and Israel hatred.

Paris is pretty much the hotbed and epicenter for Arab Muslim anti-Semitism and Israel hatred on European soil. Remember the bestial killings of Jews in Paris over the last 15-20 years by Arab and Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa!

And as all enligthened left wing superhumans who can do or say nothing wrong, she says NOTHING about the Arab and Muslim violence at our borders directed against our excellent and fine Jewish/Israeli soldiers and civilians - the very people Natalie Portman CLAIMS she cares about!
27. My advice to Natalie Portman: Divorce and marry
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.21.18)
Roger Waters...!
28. LaLa land phoney - should rather come to the Gaza fence and
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (04.21.18)
talk to sense into her “disillusioned “ friends
29. Enough of this. Now let's see her career advance(or sink)!
30. Natalie
SheldonGreenberg ,   Jerusalem   (04.22.18)
If Natalie would spend some time in Israel she would realize that her actions and comments are, to say the least, divisive to the people of Israel. Lets hope she changes her mind, accepts the prize and donates the money to Jewish causes.
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