Palestinian electrical engineer shot dead in Malaysia
Elior Levy
Published: 21.04.18, 15:53
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1. Was he another "engineer"? If so, then all's as it should be
2. It is probably safe to assume that the Mossad did it
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (04.21.18)
3. Hamas expert killed.
steve ,   beer sheva   (04.21.18)
Why are scientists and engineers in Hamas killed by the Mossad? Maybe they help them to make better weapons to kill Jews?
4. Why does Hamas think Israel would want to shoot him dead
Alan   (04.21.18)
5. Hehad it coming
I don't approve of any killing. This Dr Albatsh was very popular in Gaza and woke the Jealousy of Hamas leaders. Not likely Mossad in Malaysia would expose itself this way.
Mossad did not kill him, but other Palis did.
6. Naked fact Israel murdered an innocent person...just as
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (04.21.18)
terrorists do
7. Zero "achievement" for israel, as there are thousands others
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (04.21.18)
useless Mossad operation, like all others. It won't stop Hamas from anything they're planning. Was German army able to deal with resistance on occupied territories in WWII, with partisans in the forests of Belarus ? No.
Same here. It is A Resistance, and Mossad's assassinations do nothing. Maybe it has a scare effect for a week or so, but that's about all.
8. FB/Shellim: 2000 yrs Palestine population was mostly MUSLIM.
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (04.21.18)
Before posting non-sense, first make a little research, just google. It's not a secret, but for people like you it might look like a secret.
In 1200s and all the years before there were almost NO JEWS at all, a small minority of few hundred.
In 1500 jews were 5000, christians 6000, muslims 145,000.
In 1700s - 2000 jews, 11,000 christians, 220,000 muslims.
In 1800s - 7000 jews, 22,000 christians, 250,000 muslims.
In 1914 - 94,000 jews, 70,000 christians, 525,000 muslims
1947 - 630,000, 140,000 christians, 1,180,000 muslims.

So, as you see ALL 2000 yrs, jews were a very tiny minority.
Therefore ARABS who were a MAJORITY during 2000 yrs are PALESTINIANS, as well a tiny amount jews who lived there as well.
Clear your mind of garbage you read online.
9. Maybe He Was Killed by Rival Arabs
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (04.21.18)
Arabs kill Arabs all the time. It could have been Fatah trying to unseat Hamas, or it could have been an Arab honor killing. These Arabs are violent people. Don't blame the Jews so fast
10. His male lover did it
ab   (04.21.18)
11. Albatsh was an expert in rocket building, drone development
C   (04.21.18)
and power converting.
he was a member of hamas, ally of iran.
iran has many enemies.
12. Another DIRTY terrorist done for good !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.21.18)
13. Another terrorist bombmaker done for good !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.21.18)
This wasn't an assassination, this was JUSTICE DONE !
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