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With Jews largely gone from Iraq, memories survive in Israel
Published: 21.04.18, 22:27
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1. I wish we remained in Iraq instead of coming to this hell
Naim Battat ,   Beer Shiva, Israel   (04.22.18)
2. Coexistence as second class citizens comes to mind
Word coexistence with Muslims comes up frequently, from non jews mainly. As long as a jew keeps his head down and acts like a good dimmih, things could be ok for a jew. Must they forget their sin against this nation?
3. Father of modern drone is from Iraq
Avraham Karem made drones for israel and made the first Predator for America.
4. Nostalgia - we miss you but don't come back
Israella   (04.22.18)
'transplanting of an educated, vibrant and creative community unquestionably enriched Israel....
but it also denuded Iraq of a minority that had long contributed to its political, economic and cultural identity'.
I would add here that that same minority were always loyal citizens of the countries they lived in, until they were either killed or driven out. However the ancient hatred towards them never died. Would any Jew today want to return to live in Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, Yeman, Egypt, even Iran?

Very good article.
5. Part of every Jew's heritage
Elinore Koenigsfeld ,   Kiryat Ono   (04.27.18)
Fine article! As a guide in the very special museum in Or Yehuda, I would like to add a few points.
First, almost all Jewish people are ''Iraqi''. After exile to Babylonia in ancient times, many went on to Europe and other areas. This heritage continued in other countries, as with my grandfather, who studied Talmud (written in Babylonia) in Russia, later teaching it in the USA.
Second, the story of the aliyah is astounding. Not just airlifted, but people came on foot, animals, trucks, every way you could think of. I'd like to mention that not all Iraqis were hostile at all; many Muslims helped Jews to escape violence, even at risk to themselves.
As a guide, I'm always surprised how little most people know of this very special community. There's much more to tell! Your article is a good beginning.
6. Iraqi Jews will be no more
Ralph ,   Ramat Gan   (04.30.18)
The Iraqi community is one of the most assimilated in Israel. A very good percentage of Iraqis married Ashkenazis. "Pure" Iraqi Jews are very rare.

On the other hand they are an exception as they are the Mizrachi community that joined the Ashkenazi elite without doing much noise (as contrasted with Moroccans)
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