Steinitz: Assad will suffer consequences of any attack on Israel
Nir Cohen, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 23.04.18, 14:50
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1. Too much empty talking from people of no consequence...!
2. s300 and lavrov
jay   (04.23.18)
leiberman is in charge of defense, not netanyahu. he will hit s300 if it is deployed as it is a danger to Israel. if Moscow wants to start a fight with Israel, so be it. Israel wants friendly relations but not at the price of its security.

of course netanyahu and gabbay would run to trump and offer concessions to assurances to Moscow to reduce the threat. bibi even offered to negotiate form 67 lines according to reports. he would say he had no choice, obama or trump are the masters, and bibi has no choice-he has to listen. he sees himself as a servant, not a sovereign.

bibi is too weak and has to be booted out of the pm office. Bennett or Lieberman would be able to say no to trump, bibi cannot. he lacks fortitude.

Bennett is the obvious replacement. and avigdor is head and shoulders above bibi when it comes to security.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.24.18)
Vlad is just trying to save his own face by saying that they do not have it. Or wait a minute, the mullahs have planes in Syria w/o s-300 or air defense? The mullahs are dumb, but not that dumb.
4. Raid Alg and Assad are hanging themselves
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.24.18)
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