Opinion  Alex Fishman
Gaza protests: Hamas preparing its ‘victory picture’
Alex Fishman
Published: 25.04.18, 17:01
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1. Deal with "Palestinians" as deadly mortal foes they are!!
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.25.18)
Israel's government invites unlimited suffering by failing to deal with "Palestinians" as the deadly mortal foes they are. "Palestinians" are ALWAYS trying to murder us and destroy our sole tiny Homeland. But Israel continues to insanely bribe them to talk peace and shower them with money, electricity, work permits and other support. It is way past time to end this madness and treat "Palestinians" the way a normal sane nation treats its defeated mortal foes.
2. aim for the toe
Ralph   (04.25.18)
It's easy to find them in Israel. They will all have been shot in the toe or below the knee. Only the stupid Israeli politicians demand non-lethal shots.
3. Question
When did this already happen in the Golan Heights?
4. As the tents move closer, so do the tunnels.
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.25.18)
Hamas has planned this perfectly. Slowly encroach on the fence above ground as Hamas tunnel rats prepare the underground route. AS IDF soldiers are stationed observing the fence, Hamas soldiers will surface in back of them and take them by total surprise.

The IDF needs multiple lines of defense- on the fence-line, a hundred meters back, and a further two hundred meters back. Anyone breaching the fence should be disabled by the fence-line soldiers, anyone making it past them will be handled by the 100 meter line soldiers. The soldiers on the 300 meters back line are tasked with ensuring anyone surfacing from a tunnel is instantly neutralized. It will take a lot of manpower, but the fence is Israel's red line that cannot be allowed to be broken. All reservist soldiers in the border towns must be given their weapons in case any Hamas fighters get past the three lines of defense or surface from deep tunnels under the towns.
5. running amok???
David ,   hadera   (04.25.18)
this write has a very furtive imagination if he thinks any Gazans are going to be running amok in Israel. Either that or he is privy to some Hamas intelligence ( which is an oxymoron)
6. will Hamas going to spend their efforts and funds to rebuild
naro ,   ny   (04.25.18)
When is Hamas going to spend their efforts and funds to rebuild Gaza into a thriving beautiful rich country. Probably never. 99% of Gaza have no interest in the demonstrations.
7. Another layer of fence- razor wire
Arnie ,   Montreal   (04.25.18)
8. Fear-mongering Israeli media
harrybaby ,   Toronto   (04.25.18)
The only place this nonsense is generating excitement is in the Israeli media. The rest of the world is involved with the Trump reality show.
9. Hamas is just red herring, Jews are blood-thirsty
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.18)
10. At least Hamas doesn't celebrate murder of kids as Isr does
Motti Amir ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.18)
11. mr
Steve Gure ,   struth1@aol.com   (04.25.18)
Israel must take the fight to the terror group. To react is not doing the job
12. more creative against stupidity and insanity addiction?
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (04.25.18)
Supply of virgins ????
13. wipe out the s300
yvan   (04.25.18)
taking out the s300 is unavoidable and must be done. Lieberman and Bennett can order it. as for Moscow's threats-too bad. Israeli security comes first.if Moscow decides to attack, Israel will have to respond and take out enemy jets.

Israeli security will not be harmed by fear of Moscow. just as Russia would not tolerate enemy jets on its borders, the same goes for Israel whether Syrian, Russian or otherwise .Israel has to stand up to moscow or it will be bullied and cowed.

14. minefields
dave ,   paris   (04.26.18)
Why isn t the border protected by a no man's land of minefields?
15. thsi cannot go on forever
mofta   (04.25.18)
philistines of Gaza have a long trading history. their direction over the last70 years cannot last much longer. as the Serb karodic sadly pointed out, conditions will eventually lead to their leaving.

Israeli governments have been in survival mode for many years. but their incredible tolerance and restrained response will not last. just as trump came to america and cut down immigration by more than half, an Israeli version of trump will eventually come. Gaza will want to leave at that point.
16. Absolutely corect
Sky Blue ,   București   (05.14.18)
Who pays for the bullets? Is expensive to fire bullets every dau ar them. I am not scottish but the israely army should ask the palestiniana to pay for the bullets that kill them.
17. Screaming "Death to Israel"
maverick ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.16.18)
. Putting children in harm's way. And blames Israel when their "strategy" doesn't work as planned. Stupidity at it's best (or worst).
18. Threat is real
Maverick ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.16.18)
Pix and video footages show the so-called "protest" is anything but peaceful.
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