The real story behind Gaza's marches: The Gazans who chose to stay home
Moran Stern
Published: 24.04.18, 12:40
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1. Compare Palestinians in Gaza to Jews in a concentration camp
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.24.18)

2. Stern sez Pals want to EXTEND their mess hole into Israel.No
Alan ,   SA   (04.24.18)
Well we dont care about their needs. They turned a few square kilometres in Gaza into a mess hole!Now they want to do the same to Israel?
Robert ,   Israel   (04.24.18)
It will come the day when Gazans will understand that Hamas is the enemy within their own borders. All their miseries come from Hamas' terrorist attitude. Gazans could have been free human beings if it wasn't for Hamas that stole Gaza from the Palestinian authority and turned it into a prison. Not only from the outside-in, but also from the inside-out.
As long as Hamas keeps manipulating Gaza, Gazans have no present and less of a future.
4. Not a problem at all. Gaza is the defacto Palestinian state.
JustMe   (04.24.18)
Israel will never annex the Gazans. They have their defacto state and now need to reform it, live in that Islamic wonderland or start a new life in Europe. The Arab towns in the West Bank are also autonomous. They have a PA passport and can vote in elections. Putting aside the unworkable ideas of the Israeli far left and far right, West Bank Arabs won't be offered Israeli citizenship. The only Palestinians who might receive Israeli citizenship are 80,000 or so Arabs living in Area C, assuming Israel ends up annexing those areas, but annexation probably won't happen due to cost-benefit calculations.
5. re: #1 Can't compare Gazan's to concentration camps
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.24.18)
Jews don't gas any one to death which was the primary reason for the Nazi's camps of death.
Perhaps you're suggesting that they do?
6. When they are free
Same   (04.25.18)
Arabs in Europe do the same.And if they are no EUROPEANS they fight each other or other muslims.
95% of the so calles LOVERBOYS(Pimps and Rapists of underaged girls) in NL are ARABS.
7. they go France get free money house university girls eat
jore ,   la   (05.17.18)
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