Arab MK's daughter: 'I was humiliated at Ben-Gurion airport'
Amihai Attali
Published: 26.04.18, 11:04
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1. Years ago when I was a young Jewish volunteer
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (04.26.18)
coming to work on a kibbutz I was strip searched- so what! once a young girl returning home was found with explosives in her luggage planted by her so called fiance.Like the girls father says suck it up- this is the world we live in.
2. Go to Syria if you don"t like it here.
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (04.26.18)
3. We’re being humiliated daily by Muslim presence here, so wh?
4. #2 and where will u move when they do this 2 ur daughter?
or do you really think that you veneer of hatred will protect you from the injustices perpetrated in the name of national security!
5. Arab MK's daughter
Henry Tobias ,   Maale Adumim   (04.26.18)
The security personnel do a good job and have saved many lives, but they should always be professional and polite. If this is true, that's not the way to treat our Arab citizens.
6. You are in Israel
Claudio ,   nahariya   (04.26.18)
Is a normal proceeding of the T.A. Ben Gurion Airport when You are boarding a plane.
If You don't like it, is your only problem.
Normally a million people uses this airport in a Year and the only one who complained are You........
7. We are humiliated by her father in the Knesset
FairIsFair ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.26.18)
8. "Vacation" Probably an Anti Israel speaking tour "Vacation"
The5thColumn ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.26.18)
9. You didn't see the cross on her necklace?
Student ,   Jerusalem   (04.26.18)
10. not because of arab descent
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (04.26.18)
They were searched, because they were wearing metal bras. that could conceaal terrorist weapens,
their complaints are invalid.Arabs are the source of all violence, they rather be ashamed of their Arab descent
11. Naked???
Zakz   (04.26.18)
"They were asked to remove their bras so they had to go naked."

You mean they were wearing only their bras?
12. Entire world is humiliated daily because of Islamic terror
C   (04.27.18)
13. It was Arabs who made security check needed
Naroryu ,   Nyc   (04.27.18)
14. Mrs
Hi ,   Honolulu   (04.27.18)
I still remember the day's that NO ONE was checked at airport's!
Then came our dear friends the Arab terror and changed the world for ever.
So Miss, when you're naked, maybe you can see the bare truth.
15. bras have metal wires that can set off metal detectors
zionist forever   (04.27.18)
My gf has large breasts and so he bra has a thick metal wire inside and she loves to travel abroad and in numerous countries she has had problems because the wire is so thick it sometimes sets off metal detectors.
She usually explains the reason and either a female airport security worker checks under her breast or she is asked to remove her bra so this is not unusual for a woman to be asked to remove her bra the leftists and arabs always think they are the only ones in the world it happens to and the only reason its being done is to humiliate them.
16. I was not at Ben Gurion Airport....
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