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Why they hate George Soros
Nahum Barnea
Published: 25.04.18, 23:30
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1. As we've learned today, Barnea works for Soros in quite high
capacity in one of his organizations.
He's nothing but a propagandist for this enemy of the Jewish people and of the free people in the West!
2. Soros HATES Israel...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.25.18)
WE HATE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Soros hates Jews
moishe ,   golutsk   (04.26.18)
Soros is a Nazi collaborator scum who looted property of Hungarian Jews when they were shipped to the death camps.
4. With Jews like the Soros who needs nazis
Joseph ,   USA   (04.26.18)
This family is disgusting.
Yemach Shemam.
They hate Israel, they hate HaShem, they hate the Torah
And side with their enemies
5. Collaborator is, collaborator does.
Yair   (04.26.18)
Soros is a Nazi collaborator. He is trying to finish the job he started.
6. Jew Semion Mogilevich "boss of bosses" of most Russian Mafia
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.26.18)
7. A dangerous(because he's got "geld") individual, that first&
foremost is undermining Israel's existence, in order to establish "New" Israel: one to HIS liking.
Unfortunately, true to form, many Jews (including our locals) fall prey to his brain-cell killing ,siren-song.
Barnea is one such miserable Jew.
"Nuff said!
Now go and peddle his vision to the likes of N. Portman.
8. Whitewash won't wash
Disillusioned   (04.26.18)
Soros's organizations all have one agenda: promotion of a socialist agenda aimed at dismantling the world order. They are all anti-establishment and pro social engineering. Here and there he throws in a bit of "philanthropic" work as a cover

Anti-Semitism is, of course, used against him - as he ought to know it would. He ought to know that from his own experience, especially since he participated, without an iota of regret, in the confiscation of Jewish property by the Nazis.

The loathing of what this man stands for is well-deserved and nothing his son says in futile mitigation will change the nasty image his father created for himself.

9. Soros
C   (04.26.18)
soros uses his immense wealth to meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign
he is a supporter of all those who despise the jewish state.
he is the original founder of the anti-israel j-street.
he supported the anti-israel obama who was affiliated with the
anti-american jew hating church of jeremiah wright.
obama supported the muslim brotherhood and other islamist
soros supported the catastrophic iran nuclear deal which allows
iran to keep the essentials of its nuclear weapons program and
which has a sunset clause of ten years.
soros supports all anti-israel ngo's such as adallah and b'tzelem.
soros supports open borders and the flooding of western countries
by young muslim men who then attack women in the host
soros supports the new us democratic party of keith ellison,
former member of the nation of islam and a known antisemite.
all of soros's activities are opaque and mostly hidden.
soros has never done anything positive for the state of
israel. his sympathies lie with israel's enemies and with
the enemies of western enlightenment.
he will never be liked or respected by the majority of
israelis who live under constant threat from enemy muslims
who surround her.
10. George Soros is Evil and the enemy of the West
Rozy   (04.26.18)
This article is all BS and propaganda. George Soros is the most evil person. His outrageous belief that this world should be one without countries and without borders. Everyone should speak the same language, Esperanto. He is against the culture of the West and has been working on destroying Israel and the USA. If every person on this earth would have as much money as George Soros maybe we would have one world. Soros support anything that is evil in this world. He supported and paid for all the demonstrations in Baltimore and Ferguson. He supports JSTREEt and all the NGOs whose desires are to destroy Israel. Soros is Evil and nothing more than the devil.
11. Here is why we hate him
Yehuda ,   Holon   (04.26.18)
A jew that worked with the nazis in the Second World War giving up jews, is founding Palestinian Organizations against Israel, founding immigrants in Israel and Europe and his name is mentioned founding every war in the world today..
He is a real scum, we dont need him for anything, just to go away from here
12. wont cry
ori ,   givatayim   (04.26.18)
sorry, but can`t accept this guy tries to make his father a victim of the system, the issue is not he has opinions, the issueS are who he is supporting including movements and organization of deligitimation of Israel. he is not such a philanthropic, he tries to be a machiavelic mazarin connected to his judaism when there is an interest to blame the Country. he is not only supporting left-wing, but extremist left wing
13. Ynet is a rag penned by rag heads with limited brain matter
Al   (04.26.18)
I read it for the laughs...I do not take Ynet seriously nor should any Jew with a scintilla of a brain in their heads.
14. Thirty five comments, and only one is not against Soros
Stan ,   Israel   (04.26.18)
Many full of lies and hatred. When the Nazis entered Budapest, he was thirteen years old, how could he have been a Nazi collaborator?
Maybe it's his outstanding understanding of economics and you are jealous.
Maybe the fact that he does not like Occupation. Neither do I, but that does not mean that we want to see Israel destroyed. On the contrary, I sincerely believe that if Israel does not change it's policies and bring about the Two State Solution then I fear that the future of my children and grandchildren will be jeopardized.
15. Is this the same George Soros
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.26.18)
that accompanied his father while gathering and selling the gold from the teeth of those Jews who were condemned to death in the concentration camps in Nazi Europe?
If so, he stated he loved it and hence, why be surprised at his devilish glee at the ultimate pain of being born a Jew, death at the hands of the evil one himself and his band of fallen angels.
There is one common object of demons and that is to bring pain which gives devils their thrill and pure pleasure.
Soros adds another dimension, great wealth with which he is certain can buy him both his slanted political view and a warmer room in hell.
16. # 1 We can also watch his descent.
BBB   (04.26.18)
Thank G-d for the G-d of Israel.
17. # 14 Stan, Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.26.18)
George Soros, birth name Schwartz, accompanied his father, a collaborator and Capo of the Nazi's while literally collecting the gold fillings from the dead Jews teeth while their dead bodies were gleaned for the gold.
( that was the last and final insult theft of what Jews possessed prior to the ever present enemy of the Jews in this case, the Nazis at that time who I believe represents Satan, Lucifer himself along with is band of fallen angels.)
Occupation has nothing to do with the lowest of all treacheries, aiding and abetting the enemy of Jews, 6 million dead European Jews
It isn't up to you, me any one to pontificate anything that the master of the universe has in mind, he alone is almighty G-d, period.
I believe you to be in grave error, Israel, the only Jewish nation was 'occupied' by Rome some 2,000 years and of course, later Rome fell but, before doing so thought her evil could live on by renaming Israel Palestine and, hence the nail upon which the false claims of possession by any one but Jews, is a false premise.
Israel is the only nation ever to rise from the ashes, as foretold by our Biblical prophets and sages.
Reborn, re-established, even her near dead language, Hebrew is now spoken daily in Israel and her people, government are at the ready to defend every inch of Blessed Israel.
There shall not be two states, two G-ds, two anything other established changes in Israel.
A nation cannot stand upon itself if divided.
Your children's children would not be safe in any less than the protection of the Nation of Israel, G-ds country, literally.
18. A man cannot serve 2 masters, God and Mammon love of money
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.26.18)
It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven.......
19. Pardon Soros he believes his money can purchase the office
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.26.18)
of God, lock, stock, along with the gold from haunting dead Jews teeth.
The delusion is complete, every loser has SomeOne to blame other than they them self.
Behold the baggy eye ganif.
20. #10 Rozy Remember the Tower of Babble?
Long ago, or so the story goes, everyone spoke the same language, they became arrogant and rebellious and sought to reach the heights of heaven and to challenge God and then built the tower, The Tower of Babylon.
God became annoyed, he removed their one language and created many languages and the people could not understand one another remember ? Then, God destroyed the Tower.
Good ole George the 'ah, those were the days 'Soros'
( Soros which means Sorrow in Yiddish ) is the living recreation of this very old tale.
Somehow, this very old story is amazingly similar to a formerly named Mr. Schwartz. who of all the names under the son chose ' Sorrow' for his identity.

Fitting, wouldn't you say?
21. # 9 C Amen!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.26.18)
Well documented honest and excellently stated, thank you.
Somehow, the visual between Obama and Trump is reminiscent of the old jousting matches between the 'White Knight and The Black Knight.'
No pun intended.
Obama's mission was to weaken America, promote Islam and if Trump hadn't won, our beloved nation, America, would have been sold piece by piece by the Clinton consortium.
America was founded by Protestant Christians who modeled this Republic after the Ten Commandments they knew and followed including not to bow down to either the Papacy or to a King.
Both America and Israel serve as a bacon of light to all those who seek the ideal that enjoy the extreme Blessings of both our nations vision and foresight based on the Judeo-Christian model.
God Bless Israel
God Bless Israel. Shalom.
22. Soros and Israel
Israella   (04.26.18)
Soros: - 'I don't deny the Jews to a right to a national existence - but I don't want anything to do with it'.
Soros does not want anything to do with Israel but is happy to fund organisations that work to undermine the Jewish State. Not enough that he plays and manipulates the financial markets (to his benefit, of course) but why is he trying so hard to destroy us?
23. Hungarian Holocaust survivors must sue Soros for reparations
moishe ,   golutsk   (04.27.18)
24. What a phony
Desertstraw ,   California   (04.28.18)
These great "humanitarian" Jews haven't done a damn thing to help needy Jews in Israel.

J-Street, a Soros enterprise, has had a major influence in turning the Democratic Party against Israel. The current line "I support Israel's right to exist (but not to defend itself)" is the equivalent to the old line of anti-Semites "Some of my best friends are Jews".
25. wrong
J P   (04.28.18)
Trump has never quoted Alex Jones...
26. Soros...There are no words to describe this hateful man
Alan   (04.29.18)
27. Compare two Jewish billionaires
desertstraw ,   California   (04.29.18)
"Russian businessman Roman Abramovich had poured half a billion dollars into Jewish communities in Russia, Israel and other countries around the world, over the past 20 years".

As far as I can tell George Soros never gave a nickel to help Jews.
28. C We are in full agreement.
BBB   (04.30.18)
The Ten Commandments are the reason why both America and Israel are so successful.
Yes, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray also for America's leadership as Israel's partner in keeping freedom alive and well. Shalom.
29. cto prollchik wissenschaft
rudy kastenbaum ,   beer sheva   (10.07.18)
you know yemach shemam zera amalek soros had an identical brother that was taken out by Hashems hitmen. Yemachsshmo soros is allowed to exist because hes tue best advertisement for the rothchild weizman nazi jew. his sperm alex will meet his uncle.
30. Soros
Mikey ,   Melbourne   (10.19.18)
I suspect Ynetnews is owned by Soros
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