Opinion  Sever Plocker
Iran’s dilemma: A military conflict with Israel, yes or no?
Sever Plocker
Published: 26.04.18, 20:25
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1. Irrational Iran
Arnie ,   Montreal   (04.26.18)
The Mullahs might let go of the reins of Hezbollah and Hamas to see Israel’s reaction. Then wait to see world opinion.
2. almost a know-it-all
dee ,   aberdeen   (04.26.18)
Very well written, informative, and logical article or I wouldn't have responded.
3. Iran is on a shaky foundation.....
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (04.26.18)
Don't be surprised if the Islamo Nazi Mullahs are overthrown by The Iranian People. Life in Iran is horrible for most of its citizens. Drugs, Prostitution, and Poverty, are rampant all over the country. Add to this an oppressive regime and you have the sparks and fuel for a REVOLUTION.
4. Nonsense
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.26.18)
They all worship Khamenei as a divine messenger. There are no separate stances. Sanctions should be implemented harder than ever now that they are stuck in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.
5. excellent article
C   (04.26.18)
agree with it completely.
6. Very sober and realistic assessment of Iranian position toda
7. And the answer is?
DSM ,   USA   (04.27.18)
My question is if Israel became involved in a military action with Iran would Israel play defense, which would probably mean the end of Israel, or would Israel's leaders mount an all out offense which could mean the destruction of both countries?
8. Iran
Ali Shirazi ,   Bandar Abbas   (04.27.18)
There is no separation in ideology here. The IRGC isn't some parallel country. It has its economic power, its own army, air force, navy; but all is under the Supreme Leader and the Council. If Ayatollah Khamenei wouldn't want to attack Israel, he wouldn't spend on Hezballah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and millions and millions of dollars and blood in order to use Syria to bleed Israel. As the economy sinks, risks of a war grow, not the opposite. Besides, they don't fear Israel as the author signals. They respect its intel and army, but don't consider it daring / having the resolve to attack Iran, after so many years went by without Israel ever attacking. The strikes on Syria haven't changed the perception here.
KENTUCKY SHARPSHOOTE ,   Portcity   (04.27.18)
The tehran Teds are spreading themselves thin. I feel sorry for the innocent peacrful citizens.
10. no cigar
shloime ,   toronto   (04.27.18)
to analyse iran without taking into account the apocalyptic idea of “mahdaviat” is flawed. it’s the missing link which explains the mullahcracy’s otherwise inexplicable actions - they believe they’re on a mission from god.
11. Iran's dilemma .
steve   (04.27.18)
If you compare the 'Revolutionary Guard' to the SS and the Iranian army to the Wehrmacht then you have an idea how it is in Iran.
12. Plocker: only the last paragraph seems certain & valid...
Rafi ,   US   (04.27.18)
13. And the rest
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.27.18)
Compare their hegemonic ambitions to Nazi empire building and Lebenstruam, the Shia Fascist regimes vile and sickening call for the 'destruction of Zionism one Jew at a time' , their repressive internal security akin to the Gestapo, their Goring like control over culture and the media for the manipulation of the masses

Add to that their goosestepping marching, their mass hysterical Nuremberg styled rallies and their insidious death chants...ineteresting comparisons

Are the RG reading too much Mein Kampf?
14. with insurgents in over 80 nations Iran preparing for war
15. Iranian leader wrote book on destroying israel LITERALLY
16. Iran will self destruct if they attack israel
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (04.28.18)
Iran already have daily internal demonstrations, the media do not report, because it is controlled by the mullahs. And the revolutionary guard. Any attack on Israel will be political suicide, it will be demise of the Ayotollah, look what happened to Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, their own people arose against them. The Ayotollah will be hanged, for anarchy, corruption, and for suppressing the masses. If Israel goes to war with Iran they will win. Sad thing is a lot of innocent blood be shed. In Iran, the Ayotollah and the mullahs and iran's revolutionary guards should be targeted first. What the Ayotollah don't realise is they got no chance to revive the old Persian empire, The true and righteous, and holy, Almighty G-d of our forefathers is israel's shield and protector.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (04.30.18)
Whom will Nuce Iran ?

Will it be Israel or The US.?

JOEL Chapter 2 verses -

30 “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth— blood and fire and pillars of smoke.
31 The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come

Comment .- The great and Terrible Day of HASHEM/LORD is the 3rd World War.

Before that War -
-"The Sun will be Darkened and the Moon will be RED"..


The OLD TESTAMENT Prophesies are Given to the Children of Israel SO -

"Those signs will been in the Mid-east." !.

18. If Iran could attack Israel
BBB   (06.07.18)
she would HAve.
It would seem that vocalization is all the Iranians can do.
Old song new lyrics,
"Death to Iran." Nice ring to it wouldn't you say?
19. # 17 Arn Sweden
BBB   (06.07.18)
Could also be caused by an earthquake.
No matter as Iran is going down.
20. # 7 Stay tuned.
BBB   (06.07.18)
Whatever happens Iran can't win.
She's an enemy of Israel and everyone knows God chose Israel above all nations.
( even ones whose leaders are old men clothed in women's ball gowns.)
21. Meshigueners
Claudio Golzman ,   נהדיה   (07.22.18)
With too much oil and no brain at all......
An adventure of war with Israel could cost them the entire existence of Iran and all their population.
22. How Quickly Some Things Change; How Some Stay the Same
Fredrick Swenson ,   Las Cruces, NM, USA   (08.29.18)
This article was written in April; here we are in late August and Donald Trump, who is being relentlessly pursued by a special prosecutor for alleged collusion with Russia prior to the 2016 US Presidential election and for dalliances with women other than his wife, may soon not have the political capital to back up Israel when and where it counts. There is even talk of impeachment, but I don't think this will happen. What I do see is Trump fighting back against the charges of collusion with Russia by imposing new sanctions on Russia for their alleged nerve agent attacks in the UK. I agree with the writer of this article that Iran's military leaders are realists who are no doubt reluctant to engage in an open war with Israel that they have virtually no chance of winning, but the IRGC is another thing entirely. Anyone familiar with the history of the regime knows the religious fanaticism of the Guards, and their whole-hearted devotion to the preservation of the Revolution and its theocratic leaders. In this respect, they resemble nothing so much as Hitler's SS.

I have no doubt that Israel's intelligence agencies are monitoring political conditions inside Iran as closely as possible. Obviously, this is a difficult task owing to Iran's being a closed country in most respects. However, I find it unrealistic to expect that, due to Israel's awareness of the existential threat Iran poses, they will find a way to get the information Israeli policy makers need.
23. It is not a dilemma, the choice is no war on Israel
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