'If Iran hits Tel Aviv, we'll hit Tehran' defense minister tells Saudi paper
Liad Osmo
Published: 26.04.18, 13:03
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1. Iran 80 time larger than minority "Jewish State", will lose
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.26.18)
2. Lieberman can see the future?
Stan ,   Israel   (04.26.18)
He said " ...the Iranian regime is in it's final days and will soon collapse"
3. Our ministers talk too much
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (04.26.18)
If you know you are strong and your enemies weaknesses then why do you talk so much.If you are confident, you remain silent ie as a former American president said "Talk quietly ,but carry a large stick". Enough with the cheap bluster.
Philip ,thank you.I was thinking the same thing, why are israeli ministers making threats and statements about how tough they are every day? rather than projecting strength and confidence ,they project fear and nervousness to their enemies.
5. Does anyone believe anything he says anymore ?
Yawn! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.26.18)
His last appearance on tv he read from a uninspiringly from
a written script an overweight older man with reading glasses his only voting public reduced to non Jewish Russian immigrants and their fanatically
anti religious Russian Jewish spouses, were no longer impressed
6. israeli morale
ian   (04.26.18)
talk softly and carry a big stick. sometimes in the middle east, that is misinterpreted as weakness . netanyahu for example speaks in defensive limp terms that only encourage Iranian terror. i do not recall bibi ever saying he would attack teheran, direclty if tel aviv were attacked. just as he sat passively in the gaza war without a clue about tunnels, he lacks insight on what it would take to hurt iran. he is not the military figure people think he is.

israelis need to hear that the adversary is off balance by threats from only one side.all of the threats tend to be one sided/.

the fake nada killers of teheran need to know that they will be attacked and broken right in teheran. they know i srael can do it.
7. Yes you are right the iranian economy is near collapse
Tehraniporou   (04.26.18)
The corrupt regime in Tehran is also near impending collapse but do not ever talk of a direct attack on Tehran. A lot of people are at work to avoid that scenario but in the event of a preemptive Israeli strike on Tehran nothing will remain standing in Israel regardless of the Iranian regimes. We should try to avoid an auto-destruction.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (04.26.18)
" Only show then half your tuchus" meaning: KEEP YOUR ENEMY GUESSING.
9. Genocidal Shia terror regime must be destroyed
C   (04.26.18)
the choice is between the jewish state and the shia terror regime.
that is not a valid choice.
10. Destroy Irans power grid, than the people will take care of
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.26.18)
the RABID mullahs...
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (04.27.18)
There are plenty of hungry idiots in Iran that have to feed themselves supportign the fools they helped put in power. All Iran can do is fill Vladi's pocket witj money and starve so Russins can live in luxury. That is all it can do. The rest is just hot air. Of course, they will have to try bu employing the illitrate Arabs and Afghanis ot do so.
12. What is the truly accurate picture of Persia's economy?
Cameron   (04.27.18)
Holding on? Static? Foundering?
13. Hezballah, RG, shia milicias, Iran are one
Avi L.   (04.27.18)
Let's end this mascarade and recognize that any action taken by anyone of these actors is Tehran's responsibility and act accordingly.

Let's forget once and for all to destroy Lebanon also because no one would want to stop some strike on the shia axis
14. If Iran attack Israel it is political suicide for them
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (04.27.18)
If Iran bomb Tel Aviv,, Tehran will be obliterated, and will be a pile of heap, it will be a political suicide for them, there is already daily mass demonstrations taking place in Iran, the media is not reporting this, the population are very angry with the Ayotollah, he is squandering all the money on proxy wars, the regime will collapse from within. The people are struggling to meet ends meet, the vast oil money is wasted on supporting terror organisations like Hezbollah, hamas, PA , and the youths,, and money others. And they are trying to make nuclear bombs, once they attack Israel they will be dismayed and humiliated. Israel is a superpower in the Middle East. my brethren...G-d's bless Israel and Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel. Shalom...
15. Bah... Report to us, something new!
Maaz Kalim ,   SemLand   (03.06.19)
Bah... What's up with this geopolitical churn?

I understand your necessity for propaganda YNet® but seriously? That sloppy?

Worst, it was merely when you were doing the "Churnalism" of regurgitating an online UK-based publication's report. Guess either Israeli masses don't need brains to read the country's most-circulated newspaper or simply, the editorial board has very low opinion of its readership.
16. Why are they positing this really olde article
David ,   New york   (08.27.19)
It’s a year and a half old by now
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