10 teens dead after flash floods drench south Israel
Ynet writers
Published: 27.04.18, 08:28
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1. School trip in a wadi, well knowing what’s coming!!!??!
2. Who's the idiot that let them go?
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.26.18)
Children are a precious commodity and must be preserved...thankfully, they're not like the ones on the Gaza border.
3. bring up the person who authorized this trip up on charges!
For goodness sake anyone who has lived here for 5 minutes knows about flash floods in the desert!
4. respect water
The educational system in Israel needs to include some water engineerin:
First of all teach respect for the enormous power of flowing water.
1 mr cube of water weighs the same as a car. you cannot push it back.
Second you cannot swim in a fast flowing stream because it usually will be very cold and numb your muscles and also water drags rocks and other stuff with it that will knock you unconscious.
I hope the missing children will be found, but there is little chance, because they are covered with mud and rocks buried so deep, that thy may never be found.
5. Shocking - after warnings!
Disillusioned   (04.26.18)
Nobody who lives in this country isn't aware of the dangers of flash floods in desert areas when rain is forecast. Not only was it forecast, but warnings were issued not to go to these areas. That a school should not play it safe and cancel is criminal negligence. The "guides" have blood on their incompetent hands. Especially after the day before saw severe weather conditions that were predicted to return today.

The loss for the parents must be devastating, but more devastating should be the punishment for those responsibile.
6. Are there limits to stupidity?
Gene   (04.26.18)
Not only the person who authorized this trip is an idiot but the one who put this person in charge must be equally stupid. They both must be held responsible for the tragedy.
7. Accountability
Franck   (04.26.18)
Bennett as the Israeli minister of Education should resign and set an exemple for the perinity of the rule of laws. Imagine a school trip in the US during a Hurricane warning. Israel has become a banana republic due to nepotism and cryonism of the chieftains and their protégés. But expect nothing from those thieves, the people has become sheeps.
8. Minister Mr. Bennett? 2 busy to comment?
How is that you have time to criticize every other ministry on everything that you perceive they do wrong and yet here you are silent as a stone?
What does your silence on this tragedy tell us?
9. Absolute stupidity to be out on a camping trip
Rich ,   Toronto   (04.27.18)
in that area when you know a rain storm is coming. But that was not the only problem. The burning of fossil fuels into the atmosphere will bring more extreme weather to Israel as time goes on. Yesterday, April 26 2018 in Jerusalem, the air pollution was very unhealthy, at 133 micrograms per cubic meter of particulate matter 2.5. You can‘t go pass 10 micrograms says the World Health Organization. Israelis will have to change their behaviour and stop burning fossil fuels into the air or more people are going to die prematurely.
Being angry at the organisers of this ill-fated trip will not bring these teenagers back ,but hopefully people will learn from it and not take risks in the future,it is just not worth it. Those in charge of trips should check weather forecasts in advance and keep well away from desert areas in times of stormy weather and ,if necessary, not be afraid to cancel ,or postpone trips.
Having said this, it was unwise of the orhanizers of this ill-fated trip to take dangerous risks or chances.
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