IAF attacks 6 Gaza targets after Palestinian attempt to breach border fence
Elior Levy, Liad Osmo, Matan Tzuri
Published: 28.04.18, 08:53
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1. We will not leave a stone unturned-Pardon the pun
Alan   (04.28.18)
2. Truth? Logic?
Martin ,   Philadelphia, PA USA   (04.28.18)
In what world could one describe attempts to forcefully enter a closed border as"peaceful demonstration"? If one is warned they will be shot for trespassing how is the shooter subsequently a criminal?
3. Wow. 'Human rights' organizations seem to forget Syria...
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.28.18)
So let's see the box scores: Israel kills 40ish Hamas soldiers attempting to illegally breech the border. Hundreds of other Hamas supporters are wounded as they send incendiary devices over the fence. Human Rights organizations go berserk with activity against Israel. UN screams for Israel to stop protecting its sovereign border, instead of demanding Hamas stop attacking another country.

Assad, just a few miles away in Syria, has killed 450,000 of his own people and created millions of refugees. Human Rights organization don't even consider it news. The UN turns a blind eye.

Muslim Egyptians are slaughtering Christians in their homes and in their churches, just about every week. Human Rights organizations don't say a single word. The Pope says nothing.

Random Jews in France are attacked, tortured, thrown off balconies and set on fire by Muslims, yet the Human Rights organizations are utterly silent.

Sure looks to me that Jews, anywhere in the world, and according to Human Rights organizations, don't deserve to live in peace and safety.

Now why is that?
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.29.18)
what? Israelis can also march to teh border and invade Gaza as well again? What is teh point of this dumb provocation? Musilms will always suffer as ong they listen to their illitarte mullahs for advice.
5. Attack enemy organizations
David ,   New york   (04.29.18)
Clearly amnesty international is an enemy organization (loaded with Arabs and radical leftists)
Israel needs a system or labeling such foreign organizations as enemy organizations, forbid entry or member into Israel Andy confiscate everything we can seize of theirs
6. offense
alan ,   bellaire   (04.30.18)
Attack the mobs before they reach the fence. Shoot to kill because these are the terrorists and the ones most susceptible to terrorist propaganda. Use live ammunition, grenades and rockets. The UN and world that believe the "peaceful demonstrators" lie, will condemn Israel no matter what happens. At the same time, the IDF should attack every known hamas installation in gaza, wherever it may be.
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