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The IDF's eyes on Syria: the new system forewarning of Iranian retaliation
Yoav Zitun
Published: 28.04.18, 18:35
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1. Nothing beats the old fashioned “you touch me-you die!”
2. never forget imbued in most israelis
morris   (04.28.18)
collectively, em jews imbued by 6 million lives taken by nazi thugs infuse jews with an exponential power far greater than their numbers. so 7 million jews can wield power of 100 million or more.

jews are of course indigenous to jedea and samara. and our arab cousins need to know that because many of them are taught the opposite.

adversaries may be do Israel a favor by attacking. get even and revenge for the last 90 years has been boiling within has only been held back by olmert livni and bibi. Now with lieberman and bennett leading the way(bibi is irrelevant), we will see what takes place.all enemies should know what awaits them.

israel media still doesn't get the fact that bennett and lieberman can safely protect israel in the worst. gabbay lapid and even bibi cannot.

3. Clinton was working to give this advantage to Assad
josrech ,   la   (04.28.18)
4. Why cant Iron Dome soldiers also have nice living areas
Alan ,   SA   (04.28.18)
although they are obliged to move around Israel a lot-or has it improved
5. $7 Trillion wasted so White Aryan Jews can steal Palestine
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.28.18)
"90% of Ashkenazic maternal ancestry is indigenous to Europe"

Eran Elhaik...

Palestinians are only 40% non-Levantine...

Yiddish is Turkish...
6. interesting - but did this really need to be publicized?
Rafi ,   US   (04.28.18)
IDF: hope you know what you're doing by releasing this detailed info!
7. This is called Fake News, published intentionally...
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (04.29.18)
this is a non existent b...t.
Fake story to Iran believe that israel has something of alien technology.
A Fairy Tale.
8. Attack will come as a long range missile from unknown
Tayfun ,   Istanbul   (04.29.18)
Attack will come as a long range missile from unknown source.
Simply some iranian team trained to launch missles will initiate attacks.
Just like israel trained some rebels to launch missles and twice missiles stroke with chemical warheads to blame assad, now it will turn other direction on israel. Some terorist grouos will be blamed. Again and again you will get hit by iranian missles.
Therefore it is funy to show your stupid short range antitank missle gameplayers. I think israel tries to justify billions of usd 'paid to arms producers
For virtually unefficient stupid electronic systems.
9. Why then does Iran run like a scared rabbit?
BBB   (04.30.18)
Must be the fact that Iran is all talk and no advanced weaponry.
Also, note how Russia also ran for the hills when threatened in Syria.
Methinks these baboons are talkin' shi'ite.
If they could talk you to death ....
10. #5 Hate to disappoint you Steve
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.30.18)
Arabs squatting in Israel aren't welcome in Israel and they aren't welcome by other Arabs either.
Must be the fact that they are considered trailer trash by everyone who knows them. That, and the other fact they aren't as smart as a weak minded mule.
11. Poor Steve his brains stuck on stupid.
BBB   (04.30.18)
Anti semitism is an awful malady. Israel will keep winning and your Arab 'palestinian' squatters will still die like uncircumcised dogs.
( Due mostly to other inbred idiot Muslims.)
12. TayfunYou fail again
BBB   (04.30.18)
You fail to realize Judaism is a religion not just a blood line.
Any one of any ethnicity can convert to Judaism.
Pretty much the same as any one can choose which religion they prefer. Most sane folks don't choose the death wished Muslims, too violent and too bloody for most civilized people.
13. Clinton?
BBB   (04.30.18)
I pray true justice will rein and this old hag will be jailed for the rest of her unnatural life.
Of not, hell always has room for one more devil.
Despicable old douche bag.
14. MSS
Mike Samson ,   Stuttgart   (05.04.18)
Precisely- the sheer stupidity of revealing sensitive information on weapons Systems, tactics etc. has been going on for years. Where the hell is the Military Censor? Soldiers colluding with an irresponsible Media should be Court Martialled. Iran, Hizballah and Hamas are laughing their heads off and looking forward to the next round.
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