Why rules of engagement on Gaza border must be revoked
Gilad Grossman
Published: 01.05.18, 13:45
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1. IDF's use of lethal force at Gaza fence
Robbie ,   ramat ha sharon   (05.01.18)
The author only presents half an argument - why the IDF shouldn't use lethal force against demonstrators from Gaza who surely do not wish the inhabitants of Israel well in any sense of the word. If the IDF, the Border Guard and the police have a variety of non-lethal means for dealing with protests, and these means can also be used to prevent damage to the fence or an infiltration into Israel - can the writer please tell the readers what these methods are?
2. Wow. Is this guy delusional?
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.01.18)
Maybe the Arabs with bolt cutters and knives should be invited to high tea? I'm sure if Gilad lived within walking distance to the border, he's be the first person to go to sleep at night with a gun by his side. Does it make him feel holier-than-thou to propose such ideals?

Really, when hundreds of Arabs with rocks and knives and some with guns attack the border fence under the smoke screen of burning tires, does anyone truly believe they're coming on over to discuss the finer points of 15th century Brazilian agriculture??

The IDF is doing just what it's supposed to be doing, protecting the country.
3. This article is silliness
Vered, Israel   (05.01.18)
Every single Israeli, including the actual snipers, regrets the loss of life and limb that the Gazans insist on inflicting upon themselves. This writer must be living in an incredible dream world to believe that Gazans have a "right" to protest wildly, in great numbers, complete with a smokescreen, next to a sovereign country they have been indoctrinated to believe is evil. They also have a "right" to clean water and electricity, but their government won't pay its bills, despite being the largest per capita recipient of international aid in the history of mankind.
The truth is, we don't know at what point an enthusiastic crowd of thousands could breach the fence, and we have made the decision that we will not risk finding out. Everyone in the world knows about our decision, including Hamas. Yet they send the lemmings to self-destruct for their 15 minutes of PR.
Another sad thing is how alive and happy the violent protesters looked, as if they finally got to do something that had meaning. No, we are the least of the Gazans trouble, the very least.
4. He's like that "haaretz" editor who believed "AH is better
ab   (05.01.18)
than his reputation" when the paper in then British Mandate had interviewed the "young Austirian ",later Chancellor of Germany,and published the interview with this "reputiation" comment .
5. where does the funding for Yesh Din come from?
Michael Cohen ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.18)
did they ever open their books? We know with the absolute certainty that Israeli Jews don't support them. Their funding come from Jew-haters in Europe.
6. About Gilad Grossman’s brain, heart and soul
Martina Theuns ,   Utrecht   (05.01.18)
Dear Gilad Grossman, please visit your doctor asap and check if there is a brain in your head and a heart in your chest. After that go to a spiritual consultant and check if there are any moral values in your soul.
7. Ownership
pierre samarell   (05.01.18)
Could you tell me please whether the ownership of your company has changed?
8. gilad needs to go into the i df
joe   (05.01.18)
gilad is a sad case. israel has a border and eevery right to protect it. hamas knows what it is doing. israel cannot permit the bleeding heart approach of gilad.

it goes beyond. some jews still have trouble with soverignty. they don\t like it and play into hamas hands.

imagine if hitler was on the other side of gaza. would gilad say the same thing. the bottom line is gilad like other politicans ccannot witness casualites. too bad-you have a border-bloody well dfend it. in fact idf has been too lenient though lieberman is doing a good job. you cannot defeat the enemy with gilad's thinking.
9. Yes they are pitiful,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (05.01.18)
the only Democracy in the Middle East. Thank God Almighty they are only getting 70 years.
FO ,   Belgium   (05.01.18)
But you see Gilad Grossman, the IDF was not prepared with sufficient vases to accept the quantity of flowers that the Arabs of Gaza, by crossing the border, wanted to deliver to them. So happened what happened...
11. Anything from far left is enough to make one puke.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.01.18)
Israel will defend itself notwithstanding far leftist cowards and traitors kissing the feet of non-Jews for their approval.
12. In future, use heavy machine guns! Cretin who wrote
this article is welcome to shield the Arab terrorists with his bare chest.
13. Proof that that Grossman does not represent "human rights"
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.01.18)
Not a single statement about Gazans lack rights to protest against Hamas, because the sniper in that case is a Hamas "policeman" and the protester is arrested and beaten, or simply disappears.
Hamas is a brutal, fascist, iran-fisted military dictatorship that suppresses its own people - yet none of the alleged "human rights" organizations Grossman lists will lift a finger to help the Gazans against Hamas.
Yet when Hamas sends the Gazans to become martyrs (with the martyr payments coming out of Abbas' budget), these alleged "human rights" organizations will only protest against Israel, not against Hamas.
14. Anyone invading any border should be shot dead on the spot
15. MIGHTY ARMY-vs school kids and you speak of r of engagement
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.18)
16. Keep Dreaming
Ed ,   USA   (05.01.18)
What Gazans don't have right to do is to protest their own government. That's not just illegal, but also potentially deadly. Why the blindness to the suffering the Gazan government inflicts on its citizens? Why no condemnation of this brutal regime? The author clearly has no concern for the real victims. Articles like this don't help them.
17. Pal grown ups send their kids to their death.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.01.18)
You have nothing to gloat about. You should have the sense to shut up. Palestinians behave like primitive barbarians sending kids to their death and giving out candies when they manage to kill a Jew of any age.
18. Violent Palestinians storm Gaza and Yesh Din supports them.
bob ,   santa barbara CA USA   (05.01.18)
These crowds of so-called 'protesters' are attempting to storm the fence and the consequences of a breach cannot be predicted. The 'demonstrators are also throwing lethal firebombs and explosive device into Israel. They are not only violent they also bring their children along thus endangering their safety. This is an Hamas operation and it needs to be stopped.
19. Hunting school kids...yet we call ourselves most moral army
Carmela Minache ,   Tel Aviv   (05.01.18)
20. Gaza is an enemy terror entity
C   (05.01.18)
israel would do well to bomb all of gaza's military infrastructures rather
than play with hamas terrorists pretending to be innocent unarmed

furthermore, the high court of justice does not have and should not
have jurisdiction over military rules of engagement against enemies.
such jurisdiction should not extend beyond israel's borders.
21. Majority of Palestinians voted in Hamas in elections
22. RoE with no uniforms using civilians...... insanity
23. If You Don't Try to Invade Israel, Then You Won't Get Shot
Sabra ,   Sderot   (05.02.18)
If they attack Israel's border, then they are invaders, not civil protestors. They have every right to protest--in Gaza, not Israel! Give them their 72 Virgins if they attack that border fence.
24. And how many others ,,,
Janet Weiner ,   Jerusalem   (05.02.18)
25. What is the difference between
Stan ,   Israel   (05.05.18)
Blacks in South Africa during apartheid (before 1992) and Arabs in Israel?
No difference. For Whites in SA, the "natives" were looked upon as inferior human beings. Here the Arabs are seen the same way. So killing them is not seen as a problem
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