Netanyahu meets with Supreme Court chief on override power
Tova Tzimuki, Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.04.18, 13:43
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1. Rise of Fascism
2. supreme court and free speech
james   (04.29.18)
some israeli Arabs booed moment of silence for drowning victims.court i am certain says free speech. Arabs will say Hitler was correct in his holocaust of Jews-court may say free speech. how does this stop. limits on free speech have to be applied by knesset laws on incitement and citizenship.

those Arab israelis who booed the drowning victims should he interrogated, depending on their responses, some should have to do community service, others have citizenship removed and given 72 hours to arrange their affairs and leave the country,
otherwise, Arabs will burn down the country from inside.

some limitations on the court are necessary to preserve the state.what is going here at times is insanity.
3. This is the only country on this planet,,,
A, RightThere   (04.29.18)
That does this sh-t. These people are sheer evil, their kids and all. The ritual killing of 9 Jewish young women proves it all.
4. Just plain wrong
Daniel ,   TelAviv   (04.29.18)
When the HJC strikes down a law a legislative override is NOT the democratic answer. The HCJ is saying the law is illegal. It is the legislative branches duty to re-write a LEGAL law. Not just say nanny nanny poo poo we voted a majority and you stink
This whole thing calls to question our democracy
5. “Education” of the people by Supreme Court must end, NOW!!!!
6. Jim Renton
Stan ,   Israel   (04.29.18)
That's exactly what was said in Germany 79 years ago.
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