In Tel Aviv, Pompeo says if Iran deal can't be fixed, US 'will withdraw.'
Alexander J. Apfel and news agencies
Published: 29.04.18, 17:39
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1. $7 Trillion wasted so White Aryan Jews can steal Palestine
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.29.18)
"90% of Ashkenazic maternal ancestry is indigenous to Europe"

Eran Elhaik...

Palestinians are only 40% non-Levantine...

Yiddish is Turkish...
2. If no compromises are made from all side including Israel
Tehraniporou   (04.29.18)
And the us then we are heading for a regional war. May g.d protect us
3. Did any of you notice
Stan ,   Israel   (04.29.18)

Is this how Israel's best friend ever speaks ??????
4. direct & to the point
Cameron   (04.29.18)
Superb choice as Secretary of State.

This is the kind of policy and direction wanted and expected from those in DC.

This is why we put Trump in office and put an end to the progressive years.
5. what message does it send to the USA....
when instead of meeting in the capital city of Jerusalem the very FIRST meeting with the new USA Secretary of State is held in Tel Aviv?
6. Assuming the enemy is the only brave and responsible action.
Anshel Brill ,   Prague   (04.30.18)
Iran's regime is not to be induced to stop terror, genocide, expansionism, nuclear weapons, gobbling up country after country, coopting, manipulating, turning them into lackeys. It can ony be assumed as the force of evil it is, with a war already going on everywhere from Baluchistan to Gaza to Yemen. I pray Trump will succeed in reforming and strengthening the deal, or if that's not possible, withdrawing and letting it crumble. Iran, just like Nazi Germany, has to be confronted before in massacres more innocent people. Its terror proxies must be fought with absolute determination and no strings attached. The Middle East, even with its atrocious Muslim societies, can maybe reform itself and gradually arrive to human rights, freedom and a peaceful culture. With Iran and its ISIL nemesis, it's impossible.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.30.18)
No one really believes the charade Zarif and his mullahs have been showing for years. Valid has supplied the mullahs with the bomb to keep his cash cow alive. The feast is just garbage media to keep the mass entertained.
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