Netanyahu faces deluge of criticism over false report
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.04.18, 10:32
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1. Bibi's Didgrace
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (04.30.18)
"It's a disgrace," Prime Minister NETANYAHU IS A DISGRACE. "I expect all public figures, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, to unequivocally denounce this reprehensible behavior."
2. Was this how Netanyahu showed empathy to victim families?
wow! 2 weird!   (04.30.18)
3. Arab MK's themselves were doing the booing of Jewish victims
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.30.18)
4. Bibi,, this man is done folks.
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.30.18)
Can't you see it, like the "Last Days of Pompeii". Bible Codes say this is Bibi's last year as Premier.
5. bibi not needed
joe   (04.30.18)
look at security cabinet meeting picture eisencott, Lieberman and bibi. the pic is wrong in that bibi is in it. he is not the trigger man, he doesn't know how to hold firm, he is even not planning the response if needed to an iranian or hezbollah attack.

he is a foreign minister press officer. he has little military skill- that is obvious from his track record-yap yap yap and do nothing.

Bennett should replace Bibi is the picture.
6. gantz a rising star for zionist union???
earl   (04.30.18)
zionist union is so desperate for some security credentials they they throw names out like ehud barak and benny gantz as dm candidates.

so lets look at these 2. ehud barak had success as a commando leader early, no doubt. but if you compare his hits against nasrollah, for every one of his hits, Lieberman has done 5 or more. barak constanlty whined about 2 states and concessions. he almost buried israel in it.

barak led the marmora where idf commando were nearly lynched by being underarmed and going in with too few. his fight against terrror while pm was he is the wrong man for dm.

as for gantz, he tried his best but he was relatively passive. shapira criticized him and yaaon for their conduct in the gaza war along wiht bibi who sat clueless while his rating sank like a stone. it was only Bennett who forced the tunnel issue. while bibi maintains he put tunnels on the agenda as if that is all that counted. idiot- to hell with the agenda-you have to force a plan to hit the tunnels, not simply place it on the agenda.

gantz was not able to turn around the hezbollah war fortunes, and resists daring initiates. he like bibi runs to 2 states. gallant is far far more capable than gantz in my opinion.

the best thing for likud is to dump bibi and replace him in an open contest-bennett, saar, fegilin , barkat, lieberman. israel does not need bibi and his useless speeches, no matter how much caroline glick admires hm bibi is simply not a war leader.
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