Opinion  Smadar Perry
Between Riyadh and Tel Aviv: Spy games and secret relations
Smadar Perry
Published: 30.04.18, 23:49
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1. wiki/Cover_your_ass
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (05.01.18)
2. Saudis&rest of the evil Islamic enterprise must be taken out
3. Trump Extortion of Arab Dictators
Sam George ,   Dallas   (05.01.18)
Arab Countries are ruled by Mafia Style Families especially in Saudi Arabia and others. Arab dictators bring shame to their people and squander their resources. The Arab people are oppressed from within and from without. Trump is practicing extortion to "collect," money from the Arabs and share some with Israel. Ben Salman is not fit for becoming a leader of a herd of sheep!
4. mostly innuendo
shloime ,   toronto   (05.01.18)
short on facts, presented unconvincingly.
5. We'll see how things play out
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (05.01.18)
But at a certain point, the Kaaba may still have to be nuked.
6. any Arab regime would commit suicide by getting close to
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.18)
Israel as long the Jewish state occupies East Jerusalem
7. Israel is indulging in wishful thinking re SA
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.18)
Any Arab leader who gets too close to Israel will be assassinated.
8. Contunues...
yosef ,   florida-israel   (05.01.18)
The big, fat rat continues to squeak, from its smelly rat-hole
deep underground...What a "hero" !
9. Saudi Khazars, Israeli Khazars what's the big difference?
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (05.01.18)
Both of these racist Satanic devils are on the clock.
10. Hard to trust a reporter who doesn't know Israel's capital
Mordechai   (05.01.18)
The article keeps referring of relations between Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia.

Israel's capital is in Jerusalem not Tel Aviv. If the reporter gets something so obvious wrong how can we trust anything else
11. "Riyadh and Tel Aviv". Tel Aviv??
Jake   (05.01.18)
12. The SA royal family loses Islamic legitim. by normalizing
PRINCE Karim ,   Jedda, SA   (05.01.18)
with Israel
13. Normalization with anti-Islam Israel =suicide for S. Arabia
Anwar Abdul Salam ,   Riyadh   (05.01.18)
14. I am telling you broadcast bar zomer's and shaked's welcomin
Tehraniporou   (05.01.18)
g messages in Tehran and you will have nationwide protests in the country with people willing to come to tel aviv. Instead you show to the world that poor devil in kimono for the Eurovision...It's not fair
15. dead give away they werent arabs
roxanne ,   haifa   (05.03.18)
they became suspicious because the 'arabs' were working too diligently. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL.
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