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‘The rabbi directs the sun and the moon, he means everything to us’
Ariela Sternbach, Nina Fuchs
Published: 04.05.18, 23:39
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1. Hubris is a sin. He'll get his punishment soon!
2. Control, Jews control Jews, Jews control non-Jews, via Media
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (05.05.18)
3. A biased anti-religious article
This article is ,firstly, far too long and needs to be more concise .It is also full of unproven allegations ,I state this as one who has no interest in the game, no personal bias. We all know these communities are somewhat like cults ,but it appears as if the journalists entered these peoples' homes and prayer places in order to deliberately be provocative and when they received a reaction ,they scream " blue murder" which is somewhat hypocritical.
Better to live and let live. So the Rabbi had sex? most people in the world also have what? why intentionally provoke a private community and complain when they defend their privacy ??
There is another issue, I am the first to admit these religious communities are imperfect and have their flaws ,perhaps drug use, alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct ,but the problem is for many members of these communities ,if they did not live in this religious communal framework ,they would be doing far worse. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR .
4. The Rabbi abused them each day ,religiously...
5. Madness takes many forms. Religion is one of them. Why waste
so much "paper" on this rather banal phenomenon of a "spiritual" crook & criminal?!
People were/are willing to commit mass suicide because of charlatans like this one....
I, for one am neither surprised nor shocked.
6. Despicable: the creature, his followers, the whole story
disgusted   (05.05.18)
There should be a law where his leading other people would be illegal.
7. He is a disgusting excuse for a human..let alone Rabbi
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.05.18)
And people that follow him have acute psychiatric disorders.
8. disgusting, him and his followers as well
lily   (05.05.18)
9. Is This The Finger In The Butthole.. 76'ers rabbi?
Jason Scalmato ,   AJ   (05.07.18)
you lost the 1981 war against America. Remember?
10. I don't think it's necessary to insult his followers
They are not the ones flagrantly abusing power.
11. Poor guy, commanding both sun &moon and the cretins that
follow him, WOW: must be one of the toughest jobs on this Planet!
12. They are still cretins...
deavman ,   TA   (05.16.18)
they are enabling his reign or corruption, sex abuse and utter fraud.
They are to blame.
13. Where are the men?
If this is religion count me out.
It reads more like a sexual camp for misfits and idiots.
Rabbi my ass he's a sexual predator an a con man who should be castrated.
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