PM presents 'conclusive proof' Iran lied 'big time' about nuclear weapons program
Ynet and Reuters
Published: 30.04.18, 21:36
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1. Fake news lies
Roy ,   Ct   (04.30.18)
Fake news and LIES by the "boy who cries wolf"
2. Next Big Step
DemocracyRules ,   Sao Tome   (04.30.18)
- is to cancel the Iran nuke deal
- and reinstate full sanctions on Iran
- limit Iran to export 1 million barrels of oil per day
- Iran is very weak right now
- $1 US dollar = 42,000 Iranian Rials
- and still sliding down
- demand full de-nuclearization of Iran
- with fully verified inspections
3. Jews are the only ones who should be allowed nuclear weapons
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.30.18)
In the Middle East...because they're the only ones responsible enough to have them...plain and simple.
4. For crying out loud..
keren tzafon ,   tzafon israel   (04.30.18)
We The People are scared witless by all the rumour & innuendo flying around about war and this show and tell is the best you can do??? The fact that there was an emergency cabinet meeting today means that you probably got the green light for this kindergarten stunt from all the other people we trust with our safety and wellbeing. No statement would have been better than this - at least we could have dreamt on that someone is in charge...
5. Taqiya
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.30.18)
Mullahs have always been the fanatical ones. Bibi should remember how Barak failed to make peace with Assad the father and how Israel did not vocally oppose wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean everything that west and Israel have done after 1979 has benefitted the shia jihadists in Tehran. Bibi should start by publishing all secret documents from 1980. Iran did not get those Tomcat spare parts on the black market or cannibalization alone.
6. I don‘t believe one word of the lying Netanyahu!
Rich ,   Toronto   (04.30.18)
He‘ll say anything to start a war with Iran. He‘s been trying for the last 9 years without success. How many Israelis are ready to sacrifice their children for this criminal who takes bribes in the government?
7. If Israel can have nukes, why not Iran or even Hamas?
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (04.30.18)
8. # 6 Who cares what you believe ?
9. Inspect both Iran and Israel for WMD and Nukes
Sam ,   Dallas   (05.01.18)
Israel and Iran both must allow impartial International inspectors to verify who is making nukes, missiles, and WMD. The one who has nothing to hide will agree to be inspected.
10. Most of this information has been available 4 years...
releasing it now is very similar to arriving late to a brit or bar mitzvah!
11. Fake White Hebrew Mileikowsky believes his name is Netanyahu
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (05.01.18)

"...they found a signet ring, a seal of a Jewish official from 2700 years ago, and it has a name on it in Hebrew. You know what that name is? Netanyahu. Now, that's my last name."
12. Big War with Islam must take place, sooner the better. It is
not us, Israelis that want that war, but Muslims all over the world.
Islam will never accept Jewish presence in ME.
Well, it actually will have to, after we whoop their sorry, burka-clad asses!
13. is there an election in israel soon? looks election campaign
Tayfun ,   Istanbul   (05.01.18)
netenyahoo tries a stand up show but he is not good enough.

first of All no game changing conjuncture


almost. With Trumps economic policies countries of world no longer find
a fool to sell their goods. Exporter nations of the world were supporting or looked supporting usa policies because they were exporting their products without any hindrence to usa. but it is changed for last 2 years after Trump retruned to merchantilist policies after centruies.

A far east statesment revealed 10 years ago the fact when Iran tried to pressure them with oil weapon he said we can buy oil from everywhere in free market but we have 50 billion usd of exports to usa, scoffed at Iran

this summerizes back ground of "american world leadership" super power!!
sorry, they laud America as long as they can fuct america in economic sense.
now iti s changed.

western countries are in the same mood. no real support to USA and its puppet israel. however I am not so sure who is whose puppet.
in short netenyahoo looks an election campaigner rather than a warrior.

14. Bibi's theater antics: an EMBARRASSMENT for State of Israel!
Rafi ,   US   (05.01.18)
This was the former furniture salesman & PR consultant at his tacky best... and we'll soon see the horrible results: disbelief, skepticism, even laughter.

Even if the substance is partially true, the presentation - like others by Netanyahu before the UN - is pathetically unprofessional, exaggerated, ridiculous - and at elementary school-level.

The process defeats the purpose. And the expected blowback & skepticism will probably further damage Israel's credibility.

This is a low point for the people of Israel. The sooner this guy is tossed on to the dung heap of history, the better.
15. Mossad, amazing wonderful operation
C   (05.01.18)
netanyahu is a great leader of israel, yossi cohen is a great leader of mossad,
and all those who partook in this miraculous operation are giants
in the earth.
16. Missed brilliant gathering of intelligence
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.01.18)
Missed has done a brilliant gathering of intelligence regarding Iran's development of nuclear weapons, Iran mullahs are the biggest liars on the face of the earth, their nuclear deal with Obama , was based on lies, both parties are Muslims, Both Bibi has been rightly saying all along that the deal is not good for Israel, and the middle-East, the brilliant presentation by Bibi proves without a shadow of doubt the true intentions of the mullahs. This shows treachery and evil intent on their intent. But the word of G-d says, " any weapon formed against ( israel) will not prosper", In the coming days and coming months we will see signs and wonders from the Almighty sovereign G-d of Israel, we will see Iran Ayotollah and his mullahs, revolutionary Guards', brought to their knees, remember Nebuchadnezzar , how the Sovereign G-d of Israel brought him to his knees. Shalom shabbat, amen and amen.
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