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Profiling the 'father of the Iranian bomb'
Saar Haas
Published: 01.05.18, 10:42
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1. May he meet his fate as soon as possible !!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.01.18)
2. Iran has the radium and Israel the cancer
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (05.01.18)
Bible Codes say this is Bibi's last year as PM.
3. Iran's going down
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (05.03.18)
Two ways Iran faces an end to her bloody murderous ambition.
1- Her own people are successful at a revolt
2- a devastating earthquake
then, there's a possible other way, war that Iran cannot win.
Notice she runs like a scared rabbit when faced with real confrontation as did Russia when threatened by stronger US forces.
4. #2 Is an idiot.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (05.03.18)
Some ignoramuses spew crap like a pig with diarrhea. # 2 is such a lunatic, unclean and wallowing in his own mire..
5. Julius he writes his own script fantasy island for dummies.
BBB   (05.03.18)
No one pays him much attention as he spouts crap like a broken sewer line.
6. Wheres the indepth profile....!?
WhoWhat?! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.04.18)
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