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The Jewish-Romani connection: Are Gypsies descendants of tribe of Simeon?
Yaniv Pohoryles
Published: 05.05.18, 23:55
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1. proof?
shloime ,   toronto   (05.06.18)
in an age of easy and cheap dna testing, all he has as “proof” is a minor quirk in a single verse from esau? are you kidding me?
2. Exclusion not Extermination
Fredrick Toben ,   Adelaide   (05.06.18)
According to Jewish tradition there is a clear them-us dialectic at play, which separates Jews from the rest of humanity. The Germans never had an extermination policy against Jews but supported the Jewish-demand for separation and for a Jewish homeland/country. Likewise for the Gypsies whose mindset is Semitic and not Germanic. Bryan Rigg explores this Jewish-German assimilation matter in Hitler's Jewish Soldiers. The matter never focused on is the question why the Jews and Gypsies were not liked - because of their behaviour! It's as simple as that - and romanticising them by giving them the fiddle and violin has closed the separation gap somewhat. However, what is never mentioned is their own desire to be separate, which also includes unacceptable behaviour. Labelleing/re-naming the Gypsies "travellers" does not help because their moral values are different from general European society. This also explains why there is this collapse of European civil society - just so that these foreign elements can be accommodated. Interestingly, Israel has similar problems within its own society.
3. Flimsiest "proof" of Jewish connection ever encountered
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.06.18)
Why is any news space even wasted on such a crackpot theory?
4. Great !!! Let them all immigrate to Israel - New Olim
G.T.   (05.06.18)
Jews and Gypsies together....... This is going to be fun !!!!!!!!!!! The best.
5. Pseudo?
Heavy duty pseudo science here
6. desperate efforts by Zionists to overcome demographic
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.18)
7. The sin of Yacov -Israel
Menashe Golan ,   Israel   (05.06.18)
The sons of Yacov -Israel protected the honour of their sister DINAh, for she was raped. Gypsy s are in Hebrew "Girgashim" a Canaanite tribe of THIEFS ..... who .... assimilated with the Jews. The Sons of Yacov have to chose if they want to be ISRAEL or the sons of CANAAN ......
8. Roma.
AdamSF   (05.06.18)
People commonly called Gypsies adopted the official name of Roma.
Roma is an invariable word: it stays the same irrespective of gender, number, or part of speech.
Romani is incorrect. The title should say : Jewish-Roma Connection.
Respectfully submitted.
9. Gypsies have zero connection to Jews or Judaism
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.06.18)
Absolutely nothing in their culture, current and ancient religious beliefs, names, language, customs, collective memory other than a vague baseless belief of being Jews, has anything to do with Judaism.

There are others in the world that we say the same and it is quite recent.

The Ighbu of Nigeria for example think that they are Jews because of similarity of sound between the words Ighbu and Hebrew. Little they know that Hebrew is an English word and Yvri in Hebrew has no sound similarity to Ighbu.

The Ighbu started believing that they are Jews when adopting Christianity and reading Old Testament. Prior to that they had no idea about that.

The same most likely happened to Gypsies but this doesn't make them Jews.
10. Their name is Romani. Why gypsies not Roman decendents?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.06.18)
Or Romanians
Or Egyptians because this is where the name gypsy originates
11. Everybody...
yosef yankelev ,   florida-israel   (05.06.18)
It seems that "Jewish" is now "hip" and in the News again (is that new ?!) Lots of people - especially "born-again" Christians, and now even the Gypsies want to "become Jewish"! It's a pity, that more Jews do not want same...
12. Why not have DNA studies to verify this?
Reuven   (05.06.18)
DNA tests should be able to determine whether or not this is true.
13. DNA
Dan ,   Miami   (05.06.18)
Probably the easiest way to make this determination is a DNA analysis. Should be able to cut to the chase if they do that.
14. That's all we need
Disillusioned   (05.06.18)
Most unfortunate that the Roma lifestyle has led to much dislike and mistrust throughout Europe. Don't we - and they - have enough problems in terms of acceptance?
15. Is it 1 April?
Mark ,   London   (05.06.18)
April Fools' Day.
16. There was a DNA study
Aryeh Herzig ,   Brooklyn   (05.07.18)
Published a number of years ago showing that the Romani originated on the Indian subcontinent. . The Jewish people are totally unrelated to them.
17. Hey
Roger ,   Vancouver   (05.07.18)
They, we ,us, all came from the apes millions of years ago any ways. No
big deal. Get over it.

18. So why
India   (05.07.18)
So why they have Hindu rituals(Not the same like they have today,but similar)and not one Jewish?
They came from India.
I heard a Gypsiegirl who had a Mother and a Father from 2 different Gyp. Groups with different language,she say she can understand INDIAN.She found it out when she watched Indian Music clips.

19. oh why not ?
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (05.08.18)
with all our sympathy for Roma, we know that gypsies are not Jews,
But Roma are welcome to visit here and if they wish, they can stay.
of course Roma will need a profession beside Musician.
20. Gypsies are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group from India
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (05.09.18)
They have no ethnic, racial, cultural, lingual, religious and historical connection whatsoever to the Jewish people.

The genetic evidence of the Romani/Gypsies points to the Indian peninsula.

Yes, the "Indian peninsula" as in INDIA - the country that shares a border with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma).
Clearly not in the Middle East.

Yes, India as in the country where Hinduism is the main religion and New Delhi is the capital.

In INDIA will you find the origins of the Romani/Gypsie peoples.
21. Reverse hypothesis
ron ,   Montreal QC Canada   (05.13.18)
Many Ashkenazi Jews have dark features ie: Gal Gadot: Is it possible many Ashkenazim are decended from Roma tribes who converted to Judaism hundreds of years ago?
22. Buck stops here
A Rom. ,   US   (05.13.18)
There is much conjecture, regarding our origins, ie Egypt, lost tribe of Israel, children of Cain, "Romanians" and many other fanciful tales. In all reality Roma people originated from Northern India, mercenary caste, left during the Mughal invasion, and migrated in several waves. Our language is very common to Hindi, with Arabic and some Persian loanwords. Our DNA when studied is a various mixture of Northern India, Arab, and European. in the US we are mistaken for Hispanic, Italian, or Jewish.
23. The Gypsies are coming back
Shmuel Abucaya ,   Jerusalem   (05.14.18)
Besides the fact that among Gypsies some might not have Israelite roots, just like many self-proclaimed "Jews" here in Israel, most Gypsies do indeed come from the tribe of Shimon (Simeon) as written in between the lines of the Torah.
Their return is sealed. It is going to be the biggest game changer for Israel and many other nations around. You'd better take this very seriously and prepare yourselves for it...
24. MA
Bertil Adania ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (05.18.18)
Pure nonsens speculation!
Through DNA samples it is clearly established that the gypsies originate from India, and slowly moved their way through the north-west, crossed Anatolia and entered Europe some 800 years ago.
25. Jews land on top of society, Gypsies on the bottom.
Jewpsie ,   Denver, CO   (05.22.18)
Generally speaking. Just get a DNA test and end the debate.
26. Miss
Cheryl Scarrott ,   Hampshire   (07.13.18)
And why not ? I have romani blood but I feel very jewish can anyone awnser that ? I think ansestry dna could confirm and I bet alot of romani actually feel jewish. I think I may do ansestry dna as something my grandad brought up I in hospital about being treated better by nazis then the staff in hospital it makes me think why did he say that !!!!
27. Yes I’m very excited and happy To know ?
Abel Dumitru ,   Wales   (08.09.18)
Hi I’m gypsy born in Romania since child I was discriminated
At school from my college class Room
The always told my I’m gypsy and we don’t play
Games with you some times I was hiding alone
And crying and asking myself were it’s gypsy country
And I i search search not found On map as I growing
Some college start mock me an told my go on your contry india
I was the first time Hear I’m from india
But no and elderly people gypsy ones
They told us we are Jewish travellers they never told us
We are from India why I I don’t know
Thing please everybody has a Country us UK China india
Etc But not gypsy because there are lost tribes
Of Israel I am hundred percent According to my feelings
According of the bible Thank you
28. Read and thing
Roope Schwartz ,   Finland   (10.05.18)
and so have the children of Israel walked passed by one another without knowing eacvh will come back He is like a stranger because the eyes can not see. the lost brothers feel sorry for the ever-abandoned pain of their identity being forgotten, they are crying among peoples thinking about where I am, I'm not into anything. they will not be accepted in any land their affliction is tough as the brass and the sky with their wearing heavy as bronze
they are among the peoples but still look out of the crowd in appearance and clothing. as thieves and evil creatures they are scorned with hatred for them is so great that other nations would gladly kill them if there were no law set by God in the world, but not always the lost side. they can not even work. the foreign peoples around them press their nose to the floor. but those few guests are such people as you bless the god. the time is coming when a god assembles who without the direction of his people back home then joy and joy will be great, tears will be wiped away
29. Biblical texts are proof in todays world??
Abe J ,   Tel Aviv   (11.02.18)
Why is everyone so obsessed with going back to biblical times when most people can't trace back beyond 3 generations in their own family tree lol. Please lets concentrate on building our trees so we can find proof, and lets not jump back to biblical text and make a claim that this alone is "proof"
30. lost people of israel
mark stanley ,   bellville   (11.30.18)
well GOD cast them out in to the world and made them for get what thay are and were thay come from so thay wont remember nothing of old he gave them up .he devorsed them because thay kept rebelling against him serving outher gods. thay lost ther jewish roots thay dident fillow the customs of old anny more thay became gentile people amoust the gentiles and never having no rest no permonent resadents a people that cant fit in were ever thay go outcast people read dutoronomy thay werent a good class of people full and plenty and followed jewish customs thay became a people with no name.gypsies roma what name of a race of people is that if thay came from india thay would of went back thay would of kept ther india customs and beleves thay wouls of noen what thay are some how. many people went to india its a large country the israelites went ther and picked up ther langrush im sure outhers spoke india langrush all so ther is a lot of diffrent people of a dark skin not just india
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