Sharon Afek becomes first openly gay major general in IDF
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 03.05.18, 21:55
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1. Sachten, Sachteeka! Mazal Tov to all! Kol HaKavod L'Tzahal!
2. Good for him. Despite the "progressiveness" of our world,
being gay is still no walk in the park.
To achieve what he did takes quite a man, (pardon the pun)
3. Confused general
Larry Jones ,   jerusalem   (05.04.18)
I guess this person has a girls name.. he has now developed an identity crisis as to who he really is.. just think how effective he would be in battle..

Sad commentary on the state of affairs.
4. He is not a Major, he is a Queen.
Eli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.04.18)
That made Rome fall, that made Sodome fall, that will make us fall.
5. He was just promoted to Rear Admiral.
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (05.04.18)
Really...what ever happened to discretion? I do love his Army Motto:
"Never leave your buddies behind!"
6. In war ,never leave your troops behind
7. Congrats to Sharon Afek
Jo Cambanios ,   Perou   (05.04.18)
Now have your ass open to welcome the Iranians, I am sure they will enjoy you!!
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