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Europeans push last bid to salvage Iran deal, but work on 'plan B'
Published: 04.05.18, 15:10
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1. Trumpf Jews bluffing EU, to crank up BDS on Iran missiles
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (05.04.18)
2. Plan A,B,C: bomb Iran back to 7th Century.
3. Vastly amused at the EU types frantically scurrying about
Cameron   (05.04.18)
To no avail.

Always reasonable, he has played along with this Obama burden since taking office, but patience is exhausted, and this month Trump finally corners & offs this shameful Persian hustle that never should have been brought into being.
4. Cuba missile crisis. Hiroshima. Iran’s aims to incinerate...
Eden   (05.04.18)
Iran plans to Incinerate every opponent. Every Sunni country and every Infidel. The missiles will reach Frankfurt. Paris and London.

The EU leaders Need to wake up that President Trump is not their enemy. It is a vicious regime in Teheran.

Iran will listen to no one. Iran will threaten every Oil producer in the gulf and you will have an arms race.

The EU leaders need to wake up from their narcotic dream.
5. micheal oren article quite disturbing
eli   (05.04.18)
whatever else, Israel is a functioning democracy built from ground up by pioneers who did everything for the country.

Micheal oren writes even before seeing that Israel should accept trump's peace plan since he is favorable to us.and that he is the most supportive of israel.only a scared person would talk this way. jews have been through hell and many have since roughened up.israel has to look at the plan first to see if it is worthwhile. if not, then talk to trump again about it. you don't just accept it because trump likes Israel and trump can change on a dime.

I would have thought that oren would have had more grist. sadly, he is jsut another puffy academic with no cahunae
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