Opinion  Alex Fishman
It isn't too late to stop Gaza insanity
Alex Fishman
Published: 10.05.18, 15:02
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1. Retake Gaza forever & end root cause of problem
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.10.18)
We can keep playing deadly games with our mortal "Palestinian" foes and suffer endless rockets, terror and wars. Or we can reverse the mad Israeli retreats which are the root cause of the problems. Retake Gaza forever and let Israel return to the peace we knew before the mad retreat. This applies equally to all Israel's insane retreats and concessions to "Palestinians".
2. Gaza wants better lifestyle while trying to destroy Israel
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.10.18)
That's the only thing Hamas and Gaza wants to talk about. Peace for them and the West Bank crowd is off the radar but the anti-semitic far left (and the Israeli far left) looks for excuses to blame Israel.
3. Look up the REAL meaning and use of Hudna.
solomon ,   Bklyn   (05.10.18)
4. So
Joseph Wisgirda ,   Davis CA   (05.10.18)
Do you think the settlements were worth all this?
The sad part is the only ones who benefit are Bibi and his contractor buddies - the ones who gave him kickbacks when the settlements got green-lighted.
5. Hudna meaning short term ceasefire to rearm - insane Ynet
6. mr
Steve Gure   (05.10.18)
The only thing that Israel is doing wrong is not killing or injuring more of those that are trying to injure their cauntry
7. yoram cohen and appeasement
ed   (05.10.18)
cohen says give Palestinian part of area c to keep them quiet IE ransom payment and hold impassibility of Palestinian state. so what do you think a pal state would do??? were we born yesterday?? and don't annex west bank. So who controls Jordan valley? how the hell does Israel select its shin bet leaders.

Israel has to have others ways of picking shin bet leaders. diskin and now cohen forget Israeli strategic requirements, and just want to pay ransom.

stop hiring these guys!
8. Ridiculous
Ed ,   USA   (05.11.18)

9. Having trouble understanding the logic here
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.11.18)
Gaza has been a pit of insanity since '48, that is not going to change. There isn't going to be any reconstruction....any money or goods that come in go straight to the "resistance". Israel left 500 million shekels of hothouses in Gaza after the pullout, Hamas immediately burnt them to the ground. Hamas will not allow any let up in the "humanitarian crisis", it is the only propaganda tool they have. Israel cannot and should not deal with any of Gaza's problems. As with Syria, no connections with the enemy, defend our security needs vigourously.
10. Is the Clueless Alex suggesting Gazans are insane?! :-))
11. Gazans need BIRTH CONTROL!
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (05.12.18)
12. Yo, Alex: try the good-old "cycle of violence".
13. Could idiotic Leftism be a side effect of certain vaccines?!
14. Expelled Gazan's to Jordon and retake gaza
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.14.18)
The wicked man Abbas does not care about Gazan's and all the citizens of west -bank Israel should reclaim this land, expel Abbas back to Egypt, the policy Bibi should adopt is zero tolerance. Enough is enough,
These Arabs are thorn in the flesh, they will forever torment, kill the Jews. There is no peace partner with Israel. Please Bibi kick all these terrorist out of Israel, adopt a policy of repatriation, these Arabs are a brood of vipers. My heart aches and breaks when I see all this violence and terror tactics adopted by Abbas and his co-horts. The most dangerous enemy is from within. I pray God protect Israel, and also give wisdom to Abb-ass so he can stop the insanity. God bless Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel. Shalom shabbat amen amen.
15. Israel is not poor
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.14.18)
Israel is not poor, and never has been, and will never be. The Holy one of Israel has given them rich presents, he has given them oil, and gas, more discovery is yet to be made. Blessed be God of Abraham , isaac and Jacob, his mercy endureth forever, his promises are eternal. The land is flowing with milk and honey, the desert is blooming, the wells that were dry are filling up. I have seen this with my own eyes last year, blessed be God of Israel. Shalom shabbat.
16. great column Alex - it has proven to be accurate!
Rafi ,   US   (05.15.18)
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