Incendiary balloons from Gaza cause damage to Israeli fields
Matan Tzuri, Elior Levy
Published: 07.05.18, 18:53
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1. One Hercules
Yakov ,   Afula   (05.07.18)
unloads its fuel around the Gaza periphery. One tracer bullet is then fired into the ground. That will end the problem.
2. Oops...guess Israel should
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (05.07.18)
cut of electricity, water, and supplies to the good people of Gaza. If that doesn't work, just turn it into molten glass!
3. Mba
Polak ,   Netherlands   (05.07.18)
Yesterday I visited a museum on maritime history. The 18th century story of setting fire on (the sails) of enemy navy ships Seems very interesting in relation to the terror of kites and ballons. The story is that the Dutch used guns with a wide barrel (in dutch enterbus) to shoot fireworks on the sails of enemy shop to set them ablase.
Taking this creativelyI could imagine that the simpel concept of real fire against Hamas’ fire could be Munch more helpfunctie than hi-tech and expensive undertakings like drones etc.
Hope this helpt to develop something effectively,
4. Gazans trying to starve Israeli's - humanitarian crime !
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.07.18)
5. I sincerely hope that we deduct the damages from Gaza's
monthly/yearly upkeep-expenses they receive from Israel?!
That seems to be the bare minimum, since we r'e unwilling to REALLY persuade them from behaving "naughtily"....
6. Cant you think?
NO MORE FOOD FOR Ter   (05.08.18)
Israel send thousands of tons of food to Gaza.Just say:You burned are food so we have no more food for you!
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