Elor Azaria released from prison after 9 months
Yoav Zitun, Yehonatan Bnaya
Published: 08.05.18, 07:59
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1. Look at the infantilic smile on his face...
Avi ,   NYC   (05.08.18)
Frenk Parech
2. We're all safer for Elor's actions. You're next, lib.
Gulf of Tonkin ,   Denver, CO   (05.08.18)
3. Justice for non Jews in Israel is a distant dream
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (05.08.18)
4. Hero
Michael ,   Raanana   (05.08.18)
Elor Azaria a true gibor Israel.

All arabs who come to murder innocent Jews must be killed.
5. If he were Arab, He would have rot in jail or liquidated
Erika LOFSTEDT ,   Vienna   (05.08.18)
6. Next time, don't ask why Jews are hated around the world
Ephraim Hendel ,   London   (05.08.18)
7. Supporting Israel is becoming a very very hard task, you ...
Sylvia Brown ,   London   (05.08.18)
are made to fell you are supporting a criminal regime.
8. I am not callous , but this kind of encouraging mu rder
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (05.08.18)
9. He's French & Israeli send him to France 2 stand trial!
10. Is he going back into the IDF?
Rivkah   (05.08.18)
11. BOOOO! shooting anyone like that deserves longer prisontime!
doda   (05.08.18)
12. Israel's Zimmerman both fake, nobody died, just propaganda.
Zippy ,   NYNY   (05.08.18)
13. He has the face of a child killer
Roni Steinburg ,   Tel Aviv   (05.08.18)
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