IDF reveals Iranian sites attacked in Syria
Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.05.18, 09:52
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1. Very very kind of EU 2 say Israel has right to defend itself
Alan ,   SA   (05.11.18)
Many many thanks EU..But what does Umm Mogarini say
2. USA preps secures weapons sales for the future
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (05.11.18)
I think it was a smart move from the US administrations. Divide and rule. Destroy several ME countries, create tensions, sale weapons to who ever is paying. Make them fight. All over. Russia/Ukraine. Koreans, China Taiwan, Iran Iraq, now after destruction of Iraq, Syria its Israels turn again.
From far beyond the oceans its safe to shake the boat, as long as Russia is not involved.
The goal is always the same, since 1973 - Crude oil trade only in US$ - the rest is secondary.
3. 1967 all over
Rami ,   Helsinki   (05.11.18)
Neutralizing the IRGC in Southern Syria with just one strike.
4. leiberman, galant and bibi
ed   (05.11.18)
when Lieberman, who ynet loathes, when avigdor speaks, he makes adversaries nervous. he has been calm, steady and looks over the battlefield with a dry eye. arabs view him as a putin type and he makes them nervous.israelis should start to appreciate him as he is good for security, better than barak and yaalon combined, much better. barak was a disaster and yaalon screwed up in gaza.

general galant has come to his senses after flirting with no nothing olmert type lapid and has been forceful in saying israel has to own jordan valley up to the river, no ifs and ands or buts. autonomy is the max-end of story.

bibi of course talks nicely but always nervously, steps back, begs for permission of putin and the world. he harms israeli deterrence. he is more like hrezog. liebrman and bennett are much stronger than him so he should resign. he is not needed.and bibi cannot withstand pressure. the man is weak, his father knew he was a weakling and didn't think much of him.
5. We will Overcome
Avraham ,   PoP   (05.11.18)
Bibi the Great,
Lieberman is the best minister of defense.
6. iran seems not to understand what is going on here
ganbarpour   (05.12.18)
threats are emanating from the teheran adventurers to destroy haifa and tel aviv. the illegal entity of iran seems not to understand that israel has the power to wipe teheran off the map. yet there are many fine persians who hate the regime and israel is a friend of arise and take back your govt.

so leaders of iran should be careful with their tongues.
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