Fake news campaign: 'People fleeing Israel'
Liad Osmo, Daniel Salami
Published: 11.05.18, 23:31
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1. 3 people Are not more than thousands Assad has killed
Ahura Fidelis ,   Abuja   (05.12.18)
Monster bashar al Assad will never consider 28 people killed by israel as any success because he has successfully murdered hundreds of thousand of Syrians. Nobody can kill Syrians better than mr Assad.
2. Who’s more stupid; the Assad regime or…
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (05.12.18)
the people who believe the crap that comes out from Assad’s mouth or the Arab-League/Arab governments as a whole
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.12.18)
hard is it to fake some photos and make some fictional videos?
4. Excellent news
Danno   (05.12.18)
Just like in the era of Nasser. When the Egyptian military realized how wrong these false claims were their morale disintegrated. Now with this the Iranians and Hezbollah rank and file will have an inflated sense of confidence. And they will be psychologically unable to take the blow when it comes.
5. no harm in letting them sell these lies to their people
d   (05.12.18)
The intended audience is clearly the Iranian and Assad supporters. They can't stop fighting so long as they are humiliated in the eyes their own people. If telling a few fibs lets them slither back into their holes without Israeli bloodshed or loss of property, what's the harm in allowing it?
6. Raid Alg also lies all the time. This is what Muslims do.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.12.18)
7. Soo... Pallywood at its best again
Lucifer69   (05.12.18)
8. Good enough for Arab/Iranian/Muslim minds....
9. Little bit like Trump convincing himself(?), that the
inauguration crowd was "the biggest" :-)
Don't get me wrong: I love the man!
10. leiberman will deal with nasrollah
emad   (05.12.18)
lebanon is responsible for nasrollah. there is no separation. the next war will see the destruction of lebanon and a fight to the finish with nasrollah. leiberman is cut from putin's cloth. you will not be facing netanyahu who is not tough. you will face lieberman and bennett and galant. and israel has huge scores to settle.
11. happy families
Hanna ,   Bonn   (05.12.18)
that last photo could actually be located somewhere in Turkey, or even Germany....
12. They can use Photoshop? LOL!!!!!!!!!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.13.18)
Suffice to say Israelis know this isn't true - and that's all that matters.
13. Israeli Leftist Media sows & Panic
LeftistFearTactics ,   Jerusalem   (05.13.18)
Why Blame anyone else no one does it better
Than the 5% Of Post Zionists who control
The so called “Israeli” Media
14. Hizbollah's fake news
annie ,   jerusalem   (05.13.18)
It reminds me of Radio Cairo ,in the middle of the Six Days War ,claiming-in Hebrew : 'We conquered all the HAZIOT (BRAS )instead of saying :"WE conquered all the HAZITOT (FRONT LINES ).... Big impression !
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