Right-wing activists spark fire in Israel flying incendiary kite
Matan Tzuri and Yonatan Baniyeh
Published: 12.05.18, 15:02
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1. Amusing indeed, but we're not that good at terror. Better
stick to just shooting them in a serious manner :-))
2. Stupido - check wind velocity + direction first !!!!
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.12.18)
3. When people from Gaza
joe ,   salzburg   (05.12.18)
using this incendiary devices are called 'terrorists'.
When Israelis using this kites they are called 'activists'!

The world is watching you morons.
4. Wind comes from the sea thats why the terrorism works so wel
5. IDF must force clear area no other nation would allow this
6. Activists who do not understand kite-flying
Could please somebody explain to these “activists” that prevailing winds along the Israeli shoreline blow in the direction from the sea?
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