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Netta Barzilai brings Eurovision win to Israel
Roi Alman and Ami Friedman
Published: 13.05.18, 01:44
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1. Well done Netta!!! You go girl! A win for diversity indeed
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.13.18)
You did us proud! THANK YOU - we needed something nice to happen :)
2. live painting of NETTA BY FABIAN SPINER
dana   (05.13.18) live painting of NETTA check it out! performing art by fabian spiner

3. Desolate and depraved Zionist State
Menashe Golan ,   Israel   (05.13.18)
... if the heads of State need a clownish singer to identify with and boost the national ego of a corrupt and squalid "Israel" a crocked and unholy Nation ...
4. Go Israel always, but this is entertainment?
Flames ,   Denver, CO   (05.13.18)
Saw the Toy vid... Looks idiotic. Would take Ayel Golan or Sarit Hadad over this chick any day.
5. Congrats Israel!
Ajay (India) ,   Mumbai   (05.13.18)
Congrats Israel! Great achievement! Best wishes from India.
6. Mazal tov Israel, tomorrow in Jerusalem. Next year too.
Lucifer69   (05.13.18)
7. this girl makes me puke.
Kdl   (05.13.18)
8. If Netta is Gal Gadot's taste, then... what can I say.
Etty Ramon   (05.13.18)
I also don't understand what's that fever in Hollywood for Gal Gadot. Nothing special. Just an girl like thousand of the same if not more beautiful and talented girls in israel. Gurnisht special
9. I cant believe it !!! Israel took first place!!!!! Nooooooo
Jesus   (05.13.18)
10. Pfffffffffff, so depressing. The girl has no voice, no
Irma   (05.13.18)
talent, no class/ Does not deserve the winning
11. Obviously another example of Russian troll-involvement! :-)
12. See, once we start acting like a sovereign nation: we can!
13. Like something from the refet more at home on a carousel.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   NYNY   (05.16.18)
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