Netanyahu: US Embassy move to Jerusalem is a 'historic event'
Yael Friedson
Published: 13.05.18, 11:41
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1. Neta Barzilai's win is the REAL historic event!
Netanyahu is so yesterday and old news that he is actually boring!
2. Joyous celebration on Nakba day
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.13.18)
3. zandberg, gabbay and lapid
morris   (05.13.18)
none are so blind as those that will not see. zandberg with her law and phd degrees, educated is blind as a bat. she plays lets hold hands with her betselem partner straight out of the shimon peres school of delusions. peres once said you make peace with your eyes closed. and also he asked why do they fire rockets from gaza when we withdrew. as if we did not know. zandberg follows suit. she says lets not heat up the north, lets not fight full out to cut out the Iranian entity. that is like telling the Jews to go easy on their Nazi killers. where the hell does a jewish p person develop this kind of thinking.
in the end, the arabs will come and finish off zandberg so her thinking will not make her immune. she is hapless and hopeless parotting meretz ideology as if that is some badge of honor.

gabbay parrots 2 state... oh we have to separate like there are hundreds of miles of land to separate to. and what do you think the pals will do with their state? and you think the useless UN or others are going to police the jordan valley borders. this is a shmuck talking, that is gabbay.jew have to have defensible borders period.

lastly we come to lapid who lies to cover up his 2 state program. like olmert he thinks he will sit with abbas and saudi arabia and all will be well. he will withdraw and things will be fine. and of course listen to the generals all the time, even those with shortcomings like yaalon and gantz during the gaza war. lapid like olmert is unfit to hold the pm office. he would screw up Israel. the media elites loathe bibi so much they want anyone else in office but him.

bibi has his shortcomings, but he is better than lapid gabbay and zandberg combined. right now, liberman and bennett and galant are the strenght behind the bibi govt. the arab world is nervous about lieberman likening him to putin who they are deathly afraid of. and they are right to fear leiberman. if he ever is given the chance, watch out.

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