Most US Jews oppose embassy move
Yael Patir
Published: 14.05.18, 10:02
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1. Choice between US Jews and Evangelicals? I take Evangelicals
Alan ,   SA   (05.14.18)
ANYDAY.....Obviously there are SOME US Jews who love and support Israel BUT thank G-d for USA Evangelicals when it comes to Israel.I dont trust Israel's security and future with US Jews in general-especialy the Democrat types and those who loved Osama bin Bama . The young Jewish generation has been brainwashed from kindergarten days.and so we have very little to look forward to as far as support for Israel in the future . The USA Jews will look after themselves in the future..But we have a population of over 6 Million Jews in Israel and we have to look after them.I dont care about spook stories about conversion to Christianity-I am a very great lover and supporter of the USA Evangelicals.They have NEVER let us down . Amen and Halleluyah..
2. Ms. Patir, clearly & logically stated, thank you.
now one more thing...about the mezuzah which is about to be affixed on the Embassy Building
...according to the US Constitution there is separation of "Church & State"...
...according to Federal rules and regulations for ALL federal government buildings...
...according to various court cases and court rulings related to religions symbols on Federal buildings and/or the grounds around them...
A mezuzah is a religious symbol...when do you suppose a practicing atheist or a G-d fearing Federalist is going to take the matter of the mezuzah affixed to the US Embassy's doorpost to court in order to demand it's removal?
3. Yael, it is time that American Jews realized that the
Larry ,   Or Yehuda   (05.14.18)
Palestinians are demanding things which are not theirs and have never been. It is time that American Jews realize that until 1968 there was not a single Palestinian. It was a pure Russian invention to bring down the West.

It is time that American Jews realize that they do not live her, we do and this is OUR capital, no matter how much you hate us
4. Jerusalem polls and the US Embassy
Boaz ,   Big Lake   (05.14.18)
One thing I can assure here that the poll mentioned here and apparently conducted for this article is false, just look at the authors - JStreet.
5. oxymoron
stu ,   new york   (05.14.18)
Jstreet is a self-proclaimed organization missing the basics of jewish identity and certainly ignorant about the clearly stated relationship between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel
6. American Jews.
tiki ,   belgium   (05.14.18)
What do they care about Judaism as many of them have intermarried anyway.

What do they care about freedom of choice for Israel who, as the only country in the world, doesn't have the right to choose it's own capital, although it's the oldest & most original of all capitals.

What do they care about a 2-state disaster, framed as 'solution" as it's not them having to live with the consequences in far away America.

Israel has enough 'friends' with opinions and can do without the ones from ignorant US Jews who believe it will make them more American when being more Anti Israel.

Jews around the world should learn that as a small people of only 14.5 people, pulling together is the only strategy for survival.

Israel, as it is the one and only actively defender & heaven of the Jews should be followed as their manual.
7. Where did she get this?
Oleg ,   Milwaukee   (05.14.18)
Talking to a lot of people, I haven't found even one who opposes the move.
Like all lefty the author is out of this world.
8. US Jewry are thinking of their own interests, not Israel's
Jake ,   Kfar Saba   (05.14.18)
Most Israelis are very happy that the US Embassy in Israel is moving to Jerusalem, and if it so happens that Evangelicals were more influential than US Jews in getting the President to move the embassy, then that is just fine with us.
We do not have to see eye to eye with US Jewry on all issues.
9. 90% of my synagogue members support the move.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.14.18)
Who did the report analyze, the Klan?
10. It's J-Street
Jeff Dunetz   (05.14.18)
I was frightened to believe that a Jew actually felt that way until I read where the writer came from. As Alan Dershowitz once said, J-Street is neither pro-Israel or pro-peace. You should really label her affiliation on the top. Their position is closer to Palestinian Pres. Abbas than American Jews
11. "Most ..."
barry varkel ,   Karmeil   (05.14.18)
Would love to know on what you base " Most US Jews..."
12. For the record....
Phoenix   (05.14.18)
85% of the “American Jews” are not Jewish according to jewish law.
Most American “Jews” are liberal reform that do not belong to real Jewish faith or people. Many are converted by these fake cults.
Only the real Jews are Jews! The ones that are recognized by the Halakhah and the real Jewish rabbinate.
13. The US Embassy Move
Nancy Hook ,   Har Gilo   (05.14.18)
I think you should include the opinion of ISRAELI JEWS in your opinion for balance, as they are the ones most affected by the move. Every single Israeli that I have asked is 100% behind the move. I have not encountered even one person here that is against it!
14. J Street
Itzik ,   Ft. Lauderdale   (05.14.18)
This person is a member of a fringe group ostracized by most of the mainstream US Jewish orgs and is not worth listening too.
15. And the TRUE results of the 2017 AJC poll are...
Qwerty ,   Jerusalem   (05.14.18)
Regarding a possible move of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which of the following courses of action do you most support?
Move the Embassy to Jerusalem immediately 16
Move the Embassy to Jerusalem at a later date in conjunction with progress in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks 36
Not move the embassy 44
Not sure 4


Conclusion - Only 44% said not to move the embassy. That is not a majority. And this was in 2017, before it became a done deal.
Lammie Goodman   (05.14.18)
I do not care why Trump recognized Yerushalayim as our capital - I am just happy that at last someone understands that Yerushalayim was our Capital when King David was the King, and will be the capital of the Jews for ever.

17. Why YNET publicize gossips and non sense of a minority
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (05.14.18)
Motivated by ideology and no facts again: hiding lies in a cover of truth
Is no more fun from stupidity, as all situation is so complex and dangerous , any move to strength Israel is vital , let this empty drum to roller downhill, to the see to be their MIKVE , to wash all the impurity???/
18. Negotiate only terms of "Palestinian" departure
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.14.18)
J Street is an evil despicable far left organization that should be dealt with as traitors. The only thing Israel should negotiate with our mortal "Palestinian" foes about is the terms of their permanent departure from our land.
19. most american jews hate israel too
david ,   new york   (05.14.18)
it ridiculous to be polling "American jews" on their attitudes towards Israel.
the large majority of them have no jewish identity and their only real religion is the left wing of the democratic party. they couldn't care less about what happens to Israel or the jewish people
the only ones that should be counted are identified/religious jews (about 1 million out of a total of 6 million). these people have strong ties to the jewish people and to Israel (most have been there multiple times).
thankfully, the unidentified/progressive jews are dying out and in another generation or two most jews in America will actually care about the jewish people and israel
20. Fake News
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,Israel;   (05.14.18)
I know this is absolutely false because I have relatives in the US.
JStreet is a fringe leftist group in the US that speaks for nobody except extreme leftist JINOs like Bernie Sanders & George Soros yimach shimam v'zichram!!!
21. False News
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.14.18)
Why does the false media generate falls news, the Jews in America gave a standing ovation to Nikky Haley at AIPAC when she reiterated Trumps decision that US will move it's embassy to Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Shalom.
22. Not True
etan from LA ,   L.A.   (05.14.18)
Most American Jews are for it and are celebrating. I live here, I know.
23. Most Israel jews don't give a f
Hhh   (05.14.18)
Of what us jews think.
And also, stop fake newsing!
24. American Jew
Scooter Libby ,   Chicago   (05.15.18)
What a crotch of sh!t! Only the cowardly far far leftist Jews call for this. The vast majority of Jews (and Americans) applaud and cheer this on. Shame on you ynet and jstreet!
25. US Jews were impotent in the Holocaust too
JJ ,   Israel   (05.15.18)
Even in the Holocaust, most US Jews didnt want to rock the boat and didnt make a public fuss about anything. They simply wanted to fit in with the US.
jimmy ,   brooklyn   (05.15.18)
When someone quotes a poll or study to bolster a political argument, look REALLY HARD at the poll/study.
How was it structured?
What were the questions??
What were the criteria?
How were the statistics calculated??
This jino and his ilk of secular liberals want to DESTROY Israel as a JEWISH refuge and JEWISH state.
DID THE POLL ASK in a non-political way:
Do you know what the capital of Israel is?
Should the US recognize Jerusalem as its capital?
Should the US keep its embassy in Jerusalem?
I'll bet the last question was probably: Do you agree with President Trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem while its status is in dispute.

27. American Jews aren't Israeli Jews.
BBB   (05.15.18)
28. US Jews
Haim Cohen ,   Milwaukee, USA   (05.15.18)
"Most US Jews oppose embassy move".
Not true. Some US Jews are anti-Trump delusional freaks, and that's the kindest thing I can say of them. Had Obama done this, they'd all be "for".
I'm glad I'm not one of them.
29. "Most US Jews oppose embassy move"
Dave In Arizona   (05.15.18)
More fake news from YNET?
30. Oppose?
Kiwi William ,   Wellington   (05.15.18)
Really? 80% of US Jews against embassy move? According to whom? And who are they? Vast majority of Jews with ANY connection to Jewish life are in favor. The writer is living a fantasy
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