61 killed in Gaza riots; IAF strikes multiple Hamas targets
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 14.05.18, 23:47
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1. waht would putin do?
jackson   (05.14.18)
he would shoot 10,000 gazans , throw the press out and that is just for starters regardless of hamas, gazans are not innocent bystanders. if feiglin ever takes power, there will be wholesale revocations.
2. eliminate Hagnieh and Sinwar
peter ,   FRance   (05.14.18)
They can't continue sacrifie their own people.
They should show the example.
3. Einstein said...
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.14.18)
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". THEY have done this over and over again and the results have been the same - Any person with even a modicum of intelligence would recognize this - but no - these Hamas puppets are damned if they do and damned if they don't and all the Arab brotherhood looks on from surrounding countries - no-one cares about them - no-one explains it won't get them anywhere, apart from an early expiry date - wake up people!!!!!
4. Attack Hamas from behind.Keep them busy that way
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.14.18)
Go on the offensive. Stop being sitting ducks.
5. Merchants forced to strike.
This human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (05.14.18)
Hamas paid by Iran. Educated protestors should turn around.
6. Palestinians killed in Gaza
DT ,   TA   (05.14.18)
Good they have been warned and they deserve it. I Admire Israels restraint and doing what needs to be done. Next : take out the Hamas leadership - all of them
7. Gaza protests
niss   (05.14.18)
why not use aeroplanes which put out fires but fill them with coloured water or
what ever and drop it on them sounds simple unless there is a law against it
no killings or injuries
what will the media U N etc. will say
8. 37 killed
barry varkel   (05.14.18)
where are these numbers coming from? and you guys print and write like you have confirmation that hey are correct - at least give your readers level of intelligence some credit!
9. how many injured have smoke inhalation issues?
10. Inherited refugees
Rami ,   Helsinki   (05.14.18)
Inherited refugees and eternal crybabies.
11. Foolish religion and Gods
Fool God ,   NA   (05.14.18)
I dont understand what kind of God and Holy City that is where lives are so cheap and in the name of God or Gods who never existed. Foolish religions and people.
12. Time for the pig blood aerial tanker to make a drop.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.14.18)
Israel is not trying to kill as many morons as they can, they just want peace and quiet. Load up a forest-fire fighting tanker plane with pig blood and guts from the slaughter houses and drop the mess along the fence. It'll put out the fires and douse the idiots with a noxious slime that will stay with them for days.

As for the psychopaths that actually attack the fence, shoot them. The border must not be breached.

Wow, a national day or mourning for something they themselves created! Might as well call it a national day of stupidity. Haniyeh got what he wanted: dead Gazans. He's such a great leader.
13. change of tactics needed
david ,   toronto   (05.14.18)
Israel needs to use a series of high voltage, high amperage, low pulse electrified fences. That way anyone touching won't get shocked, they'll get barbecued, with no one to blame but the Einsteins grabbing the fences. Soaking the ground in preparations of a mast protest is also a good idea.
14. Raid Alg and Gazans are hanging themselves. Keep going IDF.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.14.18)
15. an insignificant event
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (05.14.18)
Hamas and the media are blowing this up out of proportion,but the demonstraties have noeffect other than support for Hamas.and that is old news
16. If you stab people in Europe.......
Edoardo   (05.14.18)
If you stab people in Europe (google Khamzat Asinov) in the name of Islam you are a terrorist. Just go to Israel and try to kill Jews, EU will award you as an "hero" of the "Palestinian national cause".
17. One of the most effective security fences....
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (05.14.18)
Active beehives every 1000 feet! This is used as a security measure in some places....It seems to work very well. If Hamas decides to burn them....Land mines are the next best alternative.
Isn't it a pity that Hamas cares nothing for the lives of Gazans?
18. Pals sent to die for nothing.Pal leaders watch from behind.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.14.18)
The leaders go home to eat a good meal. The people go home with bullet holes.
19. destroy all Hamas military infrastructure
C   (05.14.18)
eliminate their military leaders.
enough is enough.

tell the jew hating europeans to mind their own business.
20. no clown may step beyond the circus tent
Cameron   (05.14.18)
21. Hamas
David ,   Bamberg   (05.14.18)
Hamas is a group of terrorist supported by Iran. Death and destruction is the result of their politics.
22. Prevent Peace at all Costs
Ed ,   USA   (05.14.18)
A desparate Hamas move to prevent peace. Death toll is surely inflated. Every nation has a duty to protect its citizens. Those who criticize Israel for doing its job don't think it should exist.
23. Rioters
Samy ,   Paris France   (05.14.18)
How the start up nation, and iron dome creator, can so badly deal with rioters, Nowhere in the world, a rioter is front a military ! Wake up from this hutspa who don,t show you that with rioters, Israel is walking on his to destroy in one second all what you win in Syria bombing and Eurovision winning
24. As an NGO worker I wish to make
Sam ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.18)
It clear.There are no foreigners in Gaza- every UN worker- etc are all locals- so figures and news is what Hamas- Jihad Islam and others want the outside world to know- and the outside world laps it up.Palestinians are experts in handling the media.Anyone saying anything different about the situation in Gaza might as well slit his own throat.Turkey screams murder whilst being an expert at it themselves- south Africa pulls out their ambassador from Israel whilst hundreds are raped and robbed on south African streets.Kuwait asks UN to come out against Israel and US when they were glad of help whilst Saddems Iraq burnt their oil fields and butchered their citizens.
When Kuwait has an Iranian army knocking on their backdoor in the future they might change their minds!
When the next terrorist attack hits Turkey Spain Italy etc the complacent Europeans might suddenly wake up.But with Austria German ploughing millions into Iran and seeking Airbus contracts its not likely.

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