Israel has only one capital
Ron Huldai
Published: 14.05.18, 15:23
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1. Thank you for this admission, Tel Aviv.
Jake   (05.14.18)
2. Denial of Jewish Capital unlike any other is Jew Hatred
3. Just like the self-made "Paleshtinians" have one: in Amman!
4. Capital cities
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (05.15.18)
Let me be clear. Jerusalem has tremendous symbolic significance for Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. Few would dispute this. The re-taking of Jerusalem in 1967 was a historic event evoking much emotion, especially in the wake of the Shoah. I first visited Israel before 1967 and was saddened that Jerusalem was divided.
However, a capital city is a different thing. It is often a pragmatic choice. Note that Washington DC is the US capital, not the older city of New York. Likewise, Ankara and not Istanbul is the capital of Turkey while Canberra was deliberately constructed as Australia's capital to avoid the competing claims of Sydney and Melbourne. I am not saying that Jerusalem should not eventually be internationally recognised as Israel's capital - after all, the Knesset and other government agencies are there. However, this is not what the Trump move is about. His decision is a cynical one, to reinforce his electoral support among religious right - both Jewish and Christian. It is sad that Netenyahu and company have bought into the domestic politics of a man who would sell his own grandmother if the price was right.
5. Jerusalem was, is and will forever be the capital of Israel
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.17.18)
Israel has always been the capital of Israel from ancient times to the present, anyone wants to dispute this talk to the Holy One of Israel, he is the Almighty God, the creator of the universe, he has chosen Israel to be his chosen people, blessed be the Holy One of Israel, Elohim, El-Shaddai, he has made eternal covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You may disagree. But his decrees are final and non negotiable. The Arabs fakestinians dispute all they want, eventually they will all destroyed. Jerusalem is the centre of the world, all people, and all nations will come to worship the one true God in Israel. God bless Israel and Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel (the city of peace), God bless Bibi.
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