US Embassy opens in Jerusalem: 'When Trump makes a promise, he keeps it'
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Published: 14.05.18, 17:31
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1. Promises kept?
Judi ,   San francisco   (05.14.18)
We DEMAND the WALL!!!! Keep your promises to US! That includes prosecuting Hillary!!
2. On the blood of the innocent
Scarido ,   UK   (05.14.18)
I supported in Israel in the past, but after this terrible bloodshed, no more. This is crazy, killing thousands to establish a state will end up in disaster no matter how long it takes. From the murder and oppression of Africans to the massacre of Palestinians ?? Blood begets more blood and there will be no peace.
3. does any other US Embassy have a sign like that?
or is this a special sign for a special embassy?
Will they be building a Trump Tower next to it?
4. Delivers Again
Brent W ,   Wichita   (05.14.18)
President Trump once again follows through with another promise. He's doing a great job in my opinion!
5. The Ceremony was moving...and the speeches were great!
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (05.14.18)
Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha....MAGA/MIGA
6. Mister President Trump, you are the mensch!!!
leo ,   usa   (05.14.18)
7. Done
Cameron   (05.14.18)
That hurdle of the decades is finally settled for good.
8. Let the praise go where it belongs, to Israel and Israelis.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.14.18)
The worst US president in history, the popular vote loser, has a lot to improve before he will deserve any praise.
9. The can had been kicked far and long enough.
JonnyO ,   San Mateo   (05.14.18)
A great day, indeed! Congratulations.
10. US Embassy
Mara ,   Boston   (05.14.18)
Good for Trump. Best President in decades.
11. Keeps promises? Never pays his bills.
Tyrone ,   NYC   (05.14.18)
As Forbes indicated two weeks ago, Trump has put so much energy into hiding his Income taxes because he's only worth about 5% as much as he tells people he's worth.
12. Mister President Trump, you are the mensch!!!
leo ,   usa   (05.14.18)
13. No vice president?
Avi L.   (05.14.18)
Keep it in the family?
14. Even the MSM fake news seems unable to stop Trump - 2020
15. Under international law Jerusalem belongs to Israel and Jews
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (05.15.18)
So says the US of A
Thank you president Trump
16. About Time!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (05.15.18)
We finally have a president who keeps his word. Since '95 presidents have promised to do this. ---- Glad we have a president who isn't afraid to act.
17. Married 3x, Unfaithful philanderer all the time...
Isn't fidelity to one's spouse a promise?
Isn't Trump on record for being an unfaithful philanderer to all his wives?
If he cheats on his wife what do you think he'll do to us?
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