Hamas incites violence to hide its own shortcomings
Amos Yadlin, Ari Heistein
Published: 14.05.18, 21:01
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1. Well said
Stand by israel   (05.14.18)
2. Y'all need better leaders
Ralph   (05.14.18)
The Top Dog Hamas leader's children are nowhere near the border. The elites kids are studying in Europe while they send the 'regulars' to the border.
3. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (05.15.18)
what about a lot of stupid people that believe Hamas and march to death and injury?
4. Only sugar
Sugar Mummys   (05.16.18)
No more good food for them.Send them only sugar.So they will get all fat(WHO sayed years ago that 25% of Gaza Woman are to fat-must be real poor starving people).
5. What's new?
Avi L.   (05.18.18)
All dictators find external enemies to hide internal faults.

So what's new?

The governments should rather understand that the times of movies like Exodus are over and that the image capital has long been squandered by a generation of "know better" politicians.

It is at least 20 years that nothing is being made to regain hearts and mind of people outside Israel.

People who influence and vote for governments that, in the end, pressure Israel or support jihad in its various forms.

Nothing new, the usual PR fashlah
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