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Over 50,000 crowd Rabin Square to celebrate with Eurovision winner
Ami Friedman
Published: 14.05.18, 23:05
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1. Jerusalem loves Neta! mazal tov
Adler   (05.14.18)
2. Thank you Netta for NYIJ - broke the EU PC police fascism
3. In Netta's dream, has she heard of vegetables.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   NYNY   (05.16.18)
4. Hear, oh Yisrael: this was a rigged voting, so for the next
long year, world's Jew-haters will have a free BDS-publicity platform, to attack us.
Just look at the first in line: Iceland!
My guess: "Russians" did it....
Crazy proposition, but not all that illogical?
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