Erdoğan: Israel 'terror state, carrying out Gaza genocide'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.05.18, 08:54
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1. The killers of Kurds & genociders of Armenians accuse Israel
Jake   (05.15.18)
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.15.18)
3. There is the proof you can be a cretin and be president
Joseph ,   USA   (05.15.18)
I mean we had plenty of examples but ...The U.N. should have supplied the presidents of the nation's with a dictionary.
So he doesn't show how ignorant and stupid They are.
Specially dictator esdrogan.
Esdrogan genocide is what you did to the Armenians. What Israel is doing is called enemy combatant neutralization.
4. Impudence from the butcher of Afrin
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.15.18)
This is the man who recently launched an unprovoked attack on the peaceful Syrian border town of Afrin, killing hundreds and driving 200,000 from their homes. His impudence is boundless.
5. Such hypocrites!
Eric ,   Montreal   (05.15.18)
I wonder what Erdogan would have done if thousands of violent and armed people were attacking and destroying Turkey's borders!
It looks like only Israel has no right to defend its borders.
Imagine what these wild attackers would do if they were allowed to enter Israel. They would have butchered women and children like they know so well to do.
Israel has no choice. They have to protect their borders.
6. What do you do, Erdogan, against israel other than speaking?
Tayfun ,   Istanbul   (05.15.18)
Erdogan is israeli friendly only talks do nothing against israel.
I will not vote for erdogan and his party because they yield to israel.
It is time for action not talking.
7. Erdogan! What have the kurds done to turkey?
Robert ,   Antwerp   (05.15.18)
That you are killing thousands?!!
8. This miserable toad erd-ogan slandering Israel
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.18.18)
Erdogan the donkey how dare you label Israel as terror state. The camel rustlers were led by chief rustler Haniyeh, by the way Mr. Donkey, are you forgetting Millon's of Armenians murdered by Turks, and genocide against Cyprus you occupy more than half, what about the attrocities committed against the Kurds, you are a mass murderer, and a tyrant, you are dictator like Hitler, you have no conscience, you think you will get away with impunity, by committing these mass genocides, you have file hatred for the Jews, think again you toad, look what happened to Gadaffi, Sadam Hussein, your own people will put so many in your body you will be unrecognisable. You are already cursed, because the Holy One of Israel has said to Abraham, I will bless those that bless you, and I will curse those that curse, so Mr. Erdogan, think again you tiny maggot ! The Almighty God is Israel shield, and banner, he is their refuge, and strength, he has blessed Israel and will continue to bless them and protect, shalom....amen and amen.
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