Blood, bodies and desperation permeate Gaza after riots
Published: 15.05.18, 13:19
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1. A.F.P.= arab fake propaganda, as opposed to
A ,   OutThere   (05.15.18)
A.P. = arab propaganda
2. bad parenthood
Emmanuel ,   Abuja   (05.15.18)
A mother sit in tent while sending her son to go and die at the border. then why are they shedding tears?
3. Blood, Swear and Tears?
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.15.18)
So isn't it about time they started to value the sanctity of life and stopped with this nonsense? They cry about deaths - BUT THEY STILL GO TO THE FENCE - EVERY. SINGLE. DAY to lob incendiary devices and other forms of aggressive acts with the intent of killing or injuring our soldiers - Not happening is it? Don't take a knife to a gun fight and definitely don't listen to Hamas, who send you to do their dirty work. Get a life! Get an education! It's NOT impossible!
4. Ghastly Gazan Ghouls, what do I care about that?!
5. Blame Hamas not Israel for what is going on there!
Eric ,   Montreal   (05.15.18)
Only Israel has no right to defend its borders!
These are not "Peaceful ptotestors"! These are armed
savages who want to enter Israel and KILL women and children like they know so well to do.
And what do you think will happen when
thousands of savages are allowed to cross into Israel? They only want to murder, destroy, burn and terrorize every living thing. Israel must protect its borders.
6. Ever since hamas took over
Mark E Langeway   (05.15.18)
Desperation and Blood have been in Gaza since hamas took over. Years ago.
7. Why not electrify the fence. You touch it you kill yourself
8. Hamas are to be blamed
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.15.18)
The blood thirsty Hamas are to be blamed, they incite the people, the people go insane with frenzy, their behaviour becomes unpredictable. Hamas leaders should be targeted, eliminate the leaders who are trouble makers. Bibi needs act quickly before any Israeli blood is shed. Hamas don't care how many public gets injured or killed, they want to bring anarchy and terror into Israel. I pray that that all Israelis are safe. And these Hamas lead idiots, rioters should go back home, and think with a clear head. Your leaders are probably hiding in rat holes underground.
9. Where's Darwin when you need him?
David ,   New york   (05.15.18)
Isn't evolution supposed to make people smarter?
10. Jerusalem Arabs went shopping on Day Of Rage
RealityCheck ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.18)
Anyone visiting the Jerusalem Mall at Malcha
Today “Day Of Rage” saw dozens and dozens
Of Jerusalem Arab families dining and shopping enjoying
Themselves as usual the Many Arab
Employees were all there Without being insensitive
To the lives lost this is certainly another
Side to the story There was absolutely no
Feeling of tension there quite the opposite
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