UNHRC: Israel 'ignores international law again and again'
Ynet writers, news agencies
Published: 15.05.18, 14:15
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1. With this energy u could end Syrian Civil war....
truly if you had been this viciously forthright and judgmental about the plight of the Syrians...truly that 7 year war would NEVER EVER have lasted 7 years!
But know you fcukin' antisemitic haters have got to come up to Israel and get all in our faces!
Hypocrites you don't care about anything or anyone except yourselves.
2. Such hypocrites!
Eric ,   Montreal   (05.15.18)
Only Israel has no right to defend its borders!
Not "Peaceful ptotestors"! These are armed
savages who want to enter Israel and KILL women and children like they know so well to do.
And what does Erdogan think will happen when
thousands of savages are allowed to cross into Israel? They only want to murder, destroy, burn and terrorize every living thing. Israel must protect its borders.
3. Shameless antisemites dare to condemn us??!!!
4. Now is time to push for end of evil U.N.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.15.18)
The U.N. is a despicable Jew hating, freedom hating and America hating organization. Even worse, it is committed to the New World Order in which it would head a world government to rule the world. Now is the time to push for an end of the evil U.N. Israelis should join increasingly strong voices in the U.S. urging the Trump administration to totally defund the U.N. and boot it out of America.
5. Dear UN..Lech Leheezdayein
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (05.15.18)
Any other Sovereign Nation, especially, those under Sharia Law would do the same, or worse.
What short memories the World has!
6. Each nation of the world
Marek ,   Praha   (05.15.18)
is obligated to protect its own border. Hamas leaders are sending their own people to die. The biggest shame is they are sitting in the hiding places and counting score of fatalities, which will bring political profit to them!
7. Battle of Britain
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.15.18)
As far as I'm aware,during the Battle of Britain Hurricane and Spitfire pilots didn't operate on a German bombers shoot down 1 of us,we shoot down 1 of them.They shot down as many German bombers as possible as soon as possible to prevent them dropping bombs and killing the civilians they were protecting en masse.

The force used was proportional to the threat and danger to life to the civilians they were there to protect.I see yesterday's events on the Gaza border to be virtualky tbe same situation and the IDF doing what the D stands for,defence.

8. Palestinians have repeatedly, over and over again.....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (05.15.18)
encouraged and forcefully used childreñ as human shields in all it's instigated riots and violence against Israel. Why does the whole world behaves in such lunacy agàinst Israel? Because to vent out their frustration in mishandling their own their own country affair, to cover their extra marital issues or simply put it, their inability to handle foreign affair like Iran etc.
9. Turkey has lots of room
invite the savage animals to share your land, Israel isn't having it.
10. Easy fix don't want to die?
Stop trying to break through Israel's borders.
Too simple for the mindless pal idiots to fathom?
11. Sovereign Israel has right to self defence under int'l laws
C   (05.15.18)
all sovereign state have the absolute right to protect their territories
against illegal combatants who attempt to invade their territories.
12. belgium once again shows itself to be a garbage country
joe   (05.15.18)
belgium, land of the weaklings and appeasers join the unhrc in calling for investigation. may they both go to hell
13. no genocide
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (05.15.18)
60 violent gazans is far from a genocide and look who is talking
14. the belgium capital MOLENBEEK
victor ,   brussels   (05.15.18)
The belgium kingdom and the belgium rulers have exterminated more than 12.000.000 civils in their province, belgium congo.

According internatinal law, according the principle of proportionality in the use of force.

King leopold 2 has the surname of the belgium HITLER.

15. All paid for by the EU/UN
Hamas sends paid rioters to the border. They invade Israel and kill Jews. Get caught and go to jail. Now the EU is going to pay them for the rest of their lives dependent on how many Jews they killed.

Is it such a stretch to say that the EU are actively funding this terror invasion?
16. Denying of Jewish land rights and religious rights isillegal
17. Same Council already disbanded once due to antisemitism
18. UNHRC is blind to the atrocities being committed by
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (05.16.18)
Palestinian Civil society
Or is there no such thing?
19. #14 The statue of King Leopold on a horseback..
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (05.16.18)
Was knocked over on its side, intact. It is now being used as a public urinal in Kinshasa, I had the pleasure of using it some years ago.
We should decorate our public urinals with the images/emblems of our detractors
20. Criticism of Israel is NOT ant-Semitism
Stan ,   Israel   (05.15.18)
For decades I knew that a time will come when Israel will be condemned for human rights violations just as SA was until the fall of apartheid.

In 1962 Golda Meir our minister for foreign affairs, joined the condemnation of SA at the UN saying "Jewish morality demands that Israel too condemn SA"

It is sad that most of our leaders did not understand how this OCCUPATION would destroy Jewish Moral Values.

In US, Jews were in the forefront of those helping the Blacks in their struggle for equal rights. The same can be said about the Jews of SA. In both those countries Jews were killed by extremist White officials for these actions..

In 1962 Israel joined almost all the countries at the UN in condemning SA.
Just over 20 years later Israel was SA's only friend, two pariahs whose treatment of people WHO WERE NOT OF THEIR OWN was universally condemned. Anti-Semitism? of course not.
21. 10000 yr old Palestinian society still practices child
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (05.16.18)
sacrifice- encouraged by the Inhuman Rights Council and supported by the impartial objective free press
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