Guatemala inaugurates embassy in Jerusalem
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.05.18, 09:59
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1. Others will follow soon!
Eric ,   Montreal   (05.16.18)
Jerusalem is a city that has always been part of Jewish identity! A city built by a Jew: King David! It is almost funny to read that Moslems say that it's their city. Only Moslems beleive that stupid statement. Wait, this is the start. Many other countries will soon open embassies there. Congratulations to Guatemla!
2. Michael Chester
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (05.16.18)
Many do not know this,,, many have forgotten this but we haven't and God Won't.
3. Guat. is a banana repub. It has zero weight on world arena
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.16.18)
4. Guatemala: Trump calls it "$h-t Hole Nation"
yep Trump calls all Latin American and Africa countries "$h-t Hole Nations" and he doesn't want them as immigrants to the USA.
5. Guat is not a real state, it is a little whore of a state
Chuck House ,   Tulsa, Oklahoma   (05.17.18)
6. How wonderful to see the SHEEP nations of the world
Rivkah   (05.17.18)
unfold on the world stage, the nations that stand with Israel who are approved by YHVH for standing with Israel instead of against the apple of His eye.
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