Expelled Israeli ambassador humiliated at Istanbul airport
Itamar Eichner, Itay Blumenthal, Inbar Tvizer
Published: 16.05.18, 12:03
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1. So many ways Israel can put the squeeze on Turkey
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.16.18)
It's long been obvious that Turkey under Erdogan has moved increasingly Islamist and hostile. Any "reconciliation" is temporary and subject to reversal. So maybe it should time to remind Turkey how much it needs Israel.

Firstly, it should abandon any consideration of a pipeline from Israel's offshore gas fields to Turkey. Go for a Cyprus-to-Greece pipeline, leaving Turkey at Russia's mercy.

Second, put the squeeze on Turkish trade transiting Israel to Jordan and the Gulf. Slow it down, increase fees, whatever. Israeli companies selling through Turkey to the Arab world should start working on alternative channels, maybe in the Gulf.

Third, Turkish Airlines have a sweetheart advantage flying into Ben Gurion. That should certainly be dealt with.
2. Turkish Tantrum
Anthony Ragg ,   Auckland NZ   (05.16.18)
Turkey lost its empire, and its still throwing tantrums! Erdogan needs to get over himself.
3. BGA style
Diplomats and statesmen have to go through such security screening regularly at the Ben Gurion Airport, even if they show their diplomatic passports. Atatürk Airport has adopted many of the BGA security measures. The only difference is the TV cameras - these were clearly for the purpose of propaganda and humiliation.
4. intentional humiliation
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (05.16.18)
How many Palestinians has Israel intentionally humiliated at airport security checks? Nuuuuu?
5. That's not 'humiliation.'
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.16.18)
Every other flying passenger takes his shoes off, takes off jackets, etc. A pat down is standard procedure. Was there a strip search? A body cavity search? This 'humiliation' is what everyone has to endure THANKS TO MUSLIM TERRORISM.

But this is a non-event. Stop trying to make it into one.
6. Now avoid flights through Istanbul airport!
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (05.16.18)
7. So breaking all diplomatic relations it is
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (05.16.18)
There is zero upside. Expel all Turkish passport holders from Israel.
Yo...I was once strip-searched at an airport ,the security people thought they could humiliate me, but when they saw me naked and how I have been truly blessed, they were the ones who felt humiliated ( if you get my drift ? )
10. Thank you Obumba for forcing Israelto "mend ties with Turkey
ab   (05.16.18)
after terrorist flotilla
11. Jewish Pride not taken into account by Israel
TheHellWithTurkey ,   Jerusalem   (05.16.18)
The Israeli Government always tells the public
Good relations with Turkey are important
For a variety of reasons “Real Polotic “But
At what price to the Jewish Soul and
Self respec ?t Too much is asked of the
Isrseli Public in this respect it
Is soul destroying and all the “Real Polotic”
In the world
Is simply not worth the price
12. SO WHAT?
joe ,   salzburg   (05.16.18)
Palestinians experience this humiliating procedure a hundresthausand times a day!

At their OWN LAND!!!
13. Irrelevant news. Turkey is making a big mistake
d   (05.16.18)
Turkey will pay for it hypocrisy.
14. You murdered 100 innocent human beings in less than 12 hours
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.16.18)
15. There is NO palestine numb nuts.
16. Textbook Muslim short-dick syndrome in its full blossom!
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.16.18)
If it sounds like one, and looks liek one, then it is one. Israel wil go on while the Muslim nation just goes deeper into chaos.
18. from now on, Jews will be treated as pariah
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.16.18)
wherever they go.
19. Erdogan the Hypocrite Killer
Eric ,   Montreal   (05.16.18)
You are quite right!
20. Erdogan the Hypocrite Killer
Eric ,   Montreal   (05.16.18)
He goes and kills hundreds of civilans, including children, in northern Syria when there was hardly any assault on the Turkkish borders, and he dares criticize Israel for defending its border with Gaza from savages who want nothing more than enterng Israel and murdering civilians. I am so sorry for Turkey. It used to be such a great country. Now, under the dictatoprship of this monster Erdogan, it became one of the worst places in the world to live and visit.
21. All pals welcome to Turkey!
Turkey invites all pal terrorists as new residents.
22. SO WHAT ??
I feel humiliated each time I go to the bank....
23. Real politic and self respect
NatiomalPride? ,   Jerusalem   (05.16.18)
Many substitute one for the other it rarely works
24. Tit for tat?
Rothschild, Dr. E.J. ,   Brussels   (05.16.18)
Not a nice behaviour. But I sadly remember one Turkish diplomat treated an undiplomatic and contemptuous manner at the Jerusalem ministry of Foreign affairs a few years ago....
25. Spend your vacation in Cyprus
Rami ,   Helsinki   (05.16.18)
Give your money to Greek Cypriots instead of Turkish hotel owners.
26. neua carta antizionist jews
mark   (05.16.18)
if there ever was a group of jews that a needed a boot up the ass, their leaders sent to a work farm and the rest inducted into the army, it is these know it all non believers in israel. erdogan uses them very well. they are despicable. in fact all the haredi in their black robes and long locks invite bullies to beat the crap out of the. how submissive a person looks can invite trouble.and the neua carta look very submssive.

they need a boot up the ass.
27. Those people took the violence to a new level
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.16.18)
And that's why they are no longer with us...and quite frankly, why they won't be seeing any virgins.
28. Tit for Tat, this for that! Israel/Turkey Kindergarten...
Actually this latest spat between Israel and Turkey is just about having the "decency" to follow organized rules of being offended with and by one another.
I have a feeling that the treatment of the Israeli ambassador at the airport has as its origin the way Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Ayalon treated the Turkish ambassador back in 2010. Surely all of you remember that when Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Ayalon met with the Turkish Ambassador to Israel to issue a reprimand, Mr. Ayalon did so by meeting him at the Knesset rather than at the Foreign Ministry AND Mr. Ayalon made the Turkish Ambassador sit on a lower sofa than the chair that Mr. Ayalon was sitting in.
So all of this is just part of the Middle Eastern Diplomatic Kindergarten. Truly it is.
29. Countries have interests they don't have friends....
Israel and Turkey have extensive business and financial dealings with one another.
Despite the current diplomatic spat those business and financial dealings will remain in place.

But all y'all can play your silly little TB games. Have fun.
30. netanyahu, trump, erdogan, abbas, hamas, mbs & Arab League
Nu'man El-Bakri ,   Amman, Jordan   (05.16.18)
Each can take turns kissing the deepest, darkest part of this Palestinian's choclocate starfish. I can't think of a better clip which sums up these Oscar nominated wankers:

I don't care what side you're on. 20 years of studying this damn conflict, taking part in demonstrations and screaming for an independent Palestine has taught me the fucking obvious: Arab condemnation will always be "debased currency" (see $$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ shoved down their accounts), the IOF is more than happy to nuke any demonstration and our Balestine Bresident will continue to deep throat foreign aid.

"Enough of blood and tears...enough!". is the only quote worth remembering. I know these words will not come to fruition in my lifetime. I just pray that my 10 year old daughter will cherish them.
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