Kuwait submits draft resolution to station international force at Gaza border fence amid Gaza border riots
Itamar Eichner, Associated Press
Published: 18.05.18, 10:41
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1. Kuweit expelled all pals after Golf War,how about opening
ab   (05.18.18)
Kuweit's borders for them and allowing return ?
Btw,Iraq did the same with its pals after Saddam's fall
2. It depends...
It depends on how would that international mission look like and what would be its mandate. If it would act like the one on the borders with Syria, protecting some demilitarized zone, then why not? Why should be Israelis having "all the fun" with Gaza and Hamas?
3. international force in Gaza
annie ,   jerusalem   (05.18.18)
L O L !!!
4. Quite amusing but not very original! Come back with somethin
less ridiculous:-))
5. A contra proposition
Avram Goldsmith   (05.18.18)
1. Desarm Hamas
2. Jail their leader as criminal and despots to tyranny of 2mil people
3. Reform and invest in social economical system which will give the opportunity to decide their fate by themselves without coercion..
4. Teach to coexistence in peace and no by cannibalistic force
6. Kuwait why dont you take all pals in
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.18.18)
Kuwait if you are so concerned about you fellow Muslim buddies why don't you resettle all of them in Kuwait, there is plenty of room and resources.for them. They then can terrorise you and take over your country., You can waltz together.
7. Sweet, I will get the popcorn
Adam Basham ,   Gold Coast.   (05.18.18)
Sure, put them in Gaza.... Let them sit on the Gaza side of the fence..... Let them deal with HAMAS... I will sit back with popcorn....
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