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Romanian PM faces possible dismissal over Jerusalem embassy move
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.05.18, 11:26
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1. worker
Miron ,   Padua   (05.18.18)
Educated Romanian people are most pro Israel.
The problem is that the president gets orders from Berlin and other "politically
correct" european leaders.
2. 10 countries will move there embassy to jersulem
LARRY LISS   (05.18.18)
in the next 12 months
3. Anyone who does something positive for Israel must be punish
Alan ,   SA   (05.19.18)
It is the new fascism and Jew hate.
4. All eyes towards Jerusalem.
Cos ,   Constanta   (05.19.18)
I support Israel and its right to defend itself.
A lot of educated romanians do so.
Our president though is making this move just to secure votes.
It is an internal problem wich will be solved and I hope that the president who is the externel policy voice of Romania will do what is right and stand with Israel.
Someone should remind him that he received the righteous amoung people reward from the jewish leaders.
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