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Report: Europe, China, Russia discussing new deal for Iran
Published: 20.05.18, 10:22
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1. Trapped the tired old whores of Europe are
Cameron   (05.20.18)
Time for Trump to apply the heavy pressure on that lot until they finally squeal for mercy and fall into line.

And he will.
2. So hungry for $ EU believe a lie Iran will stop the bomb
Eden   (05.20.18)
3. I feel with Euro-dhimmies: you just can't watch billions fly
out of the window and do nothing.
Any self-deceit will do for them.
Iran has no worry in the world!
4. Europe - you can't bribe people into submission
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (05.20.18)
Europe likes to bribe people into submission, obedience and silence. Sounds a little bit like the Sicilian mafia.

Iran will only use your money to further develop its nuclear program.
Once the money is in Iranian hands, you can't control them anymore.
How exactly is the EU supposed to control how the Iranian government in Teheran will use the funds provided by the EU?

More funds pumped into Iran will boost Iran's nuclear program, it will boost Iran's military might, it will boost Iran's ballistic missiles, and it will boost terrorist groups funded by Iran such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and as a result of that, you'll see yet another conflagration between Israel on one hand and Hamas and Hezbollah on the other hand.

How about giving EU aid to elderly and sick people in Europe or how about offering financial aid to people who want to raise families? EU is suffering from sub replacement fertility levels. Oh, so sorry. My mistake. Only Arab Muslim immigrants would heed the call to receive money for making babies. The Europeans are already committing demographic suicide.
5. Mullahs and 1941
Rami ,   Helsinki   (05.20.18)
Mullahs should remember that last time Germany offered Iran generous handouts it got occupied. Khomenei was there in 1941 and actually cheered for the invasion. Removing Reza Shah in 1941 is the reason why these mullahs are in power.
6. Europe = terrorism.
Steven ,   UK   (05.20.18)
The E.U, Russia and China will all be official funders of Iranian state terrorism after this. The world has gone mad.
7. Iran does not need financial aid; Iran needs a new regime
C   (05.20.18)
europe was always a continent of lunatics, with lunatic ideologies, but
now they are outdoing themselves.
iran is an islamic theocratic terror state built on the export of shia
revolution and belief in the coming of the mahdi.
iran cannot be bought since iran's ideology is based strictly on
the concepts of the shia revolution.
although the shia taqyyia state of iran adores money, it adores its
nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles even more.
8. Right on Trump ! Sock it to ‘Em “Go Trump”
Whore$OfEurope ,   Jerusalem   (05.20.18)
They’d sell their mother for a Euro or
A Pound Germany sells subs to Israel
While financing subtrafuses for Iran
France condemns US Embassy move while
It’s Prime Minister was Inflight from Algiers
to Iran signing
Military contracts worth billions Whores !
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.21.18)
like a bible. Thank you, Obama and Kerry for signing nothing in teh benefit of USA or Israel.
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