Israel, US attempt to block Security Council resolution on Gaza international force
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.05.18, 21:52
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1. US ruled by fascist Jewish clique-root cause of inequity
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.20.18)
2. More lies and subterfuge from the Palestinians
Abu Khaled ,   Unified Jerusalem   (05.21.18)
No wonder we don't have a state after 70 years.
3. Learn from hezballah, hide behind white helmeted UN schmurfs
Avi L.   (05.20.18)
Hamas learn from hezballah, how to hide behind the white helmeted UN 7 dwarfs

This way they'll use the UN as a human shield while stockpiling rockets and digging tunnels
4. In Lebanon ,Hamas accumulated 150000 rockets behind UNIFIL
Alan ,   SA   (05.21.18)
So dont fall for this ploy
5. Don't you get it Andrew Strom?
Stan ,   Israel   (05.21.18)
As you said "Assad killing his own" is not an issue. When Serbs kill Croats or any other minority. Whites in SA during apartheid not giving non -whites equal rights, or when Israel continues to occupy and repress Palestinians that is not acceptable.
6. Darwin or not, humanity took a wrong turn somewhere, as
witnessed by the UN and its pathological antisemitic behaviour.
7. How about USA&Israel leaving the UN and letting Arabs&Euroes
run that rotten outfit.
Of course none of their "declarations" would have any meaning in the real world....?
8. Useless Nations declare war on Jews
C   (05.21.18)
once again the goy nations are plotting against the jews.
once again they are searching for a permanent solution to the pesky jewish question.
europe is the greatest enemy of the jews.
herr mustache did not appear on the european stage as a deus ex machina.
he was the expression of thousands of years of european history.
jew hatred was and remains an integral part of european culture.
muslims learned their jew hatred from christian europe.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.22.18)
Fence? The UN morons just like to make up ideas about human rights, but they have no clue how to acheive it. 40,000 people were bused to the border and were ordered to cross over. They were not crossing for afternoon tea time. They came over to invade. I’m glad that we have Trump to will this dumb resolution.
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